OT: The Remains of Sherlock Holmes by Paul W. Nash (Hardback, 2011)

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OT: The Remains of Sherlock Holmes by Paul W. Nash (Hardback, 2011)

maaliskuu 31, 10:21 am

ISBN: 1872333540
Price: £10.00
Royal Mail International Standard: £3.00
Royal Mail International Economy: £1.30

Item description from the seller:
The Remains of Sherlock Holmes. Witney: Strawberry Books, 2011. 229 pages. Small octavo.

The book is a collection of seven new mysteries written by Paul W. Nash, featuring the great detective and attempted in the style of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle. Printed lithographically, it is bound in red cloth, with a dust-jacket, in the same format as many of the early editions of the original Sherlock Holmes books. Published price £12.00 (offered here at £10.00).

Thanks to this post on the FPF: https://www.librarything.com/topic/345024#7954739, I went ahead and purchased a copy of this pastiche from the aforementioned link, but only upon receipt did I realize I was dealing directly with the author Paul W. Nash - Honorary Librarian to the Folio Society from 1994 to 2007. Prospective buyers might wish to request an inscription on a copy of their book - not sure if the author would oblige, but no harm in asking. :)