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more of a question than recommendation

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 26, 2:55 pm

Concerning icons awarded for various "hunt" participations:

others have asked about this process, and in addition to knowing of the wait times, it has been explained that the waiting is due to the need to manually count these.

i dont comprehend computer programming and dont intend to at this late point in my life. I'm curious (within reason) as to why the program is not able to generate this acknowledgment immediately. for instance, the computer calculates immediately that i have begun participation; then the computer calculates the exact number of arrows, rabbits, pumpkins that i have found. it also makes immediate exclamation of each time i find said object. is there not some way for it to go one step further? i'm probably thinking too much like a mario game. (yes -i'm that far behind on games)

it already had some kind of calculating device that showed (15?) hearts - and each heart then became red when gained. how much different is it to go one step further and make a "final" award appear? ive also read in some groups of some kind of ruler/measurer for number of books read.

my interest is not the need of instant gratification; rather, i just have an innate appreciation of efficiency and ease of construction. it sounds so exhausting to think of one person having to sort through all this data single-handedly.

plz be kind with your explanations if my thought process is naive. also, when reading literature, multi-syllabic words are desirable; but, not so much so in technical descriptions. i dont need to know that it would require some "program" called "Aesclepius II" which only works in tandem with some other program called "Scion Marauder". lol

maaliskuu 26, 3:05 pm

>1 EGBERTINA: I don't think counting is done manually, but awarding the medals as such

maaliskuu 27, 12:48 pm

They haven't programmed that particular ability (awarding profile badges) in. There's nothing particularly hard about it, they just haven't done it.

To assuage you a bit, though, it's almost certainly not someone sorting through lots of data, but manually running a query and then "add badges for everyone on this list" that could easily be automated.

maaliskuu 27, 1:25 pm

>3 lorax: good to know. thank u