Scary picture book

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Scary picture book

maaliskuu 24, 1:51 pm

Scary picture book about goblins or some kind of monster in a well

I remember almost nothing about this book. I was really little when I read it, it was probably between 2004 and 2007 but the book may have been older than that. I just remember a man, and a young girl, there also may have been an old man also. And there’s a big scary house and there are goblins or Some kind of monster in the house and on the property. They stay hidden at first

I remember one picture specifically, it’s either the girl or the man peering down a well on the property and there are eyes or goblins climbing up the sides of the well.

Either the man or the girl dies in the house. I seem to remember that all that’s left is a boot.

The pictures were detailed and in color, but dark colors. Dark blues and greens. The girl may have been wearing pink and I think she was blonde.

I just remember that this book scared the heck out of me as a kid and I was afraid of holes in the ground for a while.