Create Catalog Tags from Tag Mirror Tag Selections

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Create Catalog Tags from Tag Mirror Tag Selections

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 21, 12:25 pm

I have been using the Tag Mirror to add selected tags to my books through a complicated mix of copy and paste of books listed for a specific tag and an Excel two worksheet process. This has been immensely valuable to my understanding of what books I like and how to find more of them.

An example of their use with LT Recommendations is contained in :

This complex process could be simplified so other members could learn more about their reading by:

When a member selects a specific tag in Tag Mirror to produce the books that are associated with that tag, then allow an option to display those books in the catalog and to provide a way to add that specific tag to those books.

This process is meant to unveil the mix of what I call personal tag genres that are important to a member.

The newly introduced Recommendations feature seems to me, to be based on the same tag mirror data as I used in my processing, but maybe has additional factors that I didn't use.

A far more comprehensive link to this concept is contained in:

There are several other issues raised in that url, but at its core is the same process as I asked for above.

maaliskuu 21, 1:15 pm

This goes against the entire theory of tagging.

Tagging is supposed to be personal. How YOU see the book. Not how everyone else sees the book. I don't want to add 50 more tags from everyone else who has the book.

Personal tags are those I create. Not those others chose to put on their book. I would not ever use a feature of this nature if it were implemented.

And If I want to explore tags other people have, I'll click into those tags, then explore those books, without it needing to go into my catalog.