a way to organise topics

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a way to organise topics

maaliskuu 11, 9:27 pm

This is not a fully thought-out idea, but...

my problem is that i can only view 20 topics, comfortably. There are a few groups in which i actively participate and a few that i monitor. This is fine for the limited screen space of 20- until a group adds a new topic. For instance Reading Through time, currently has: wwi, inter war years, lion and tigers etc, notorious women. I was watching some of their earlier topics but they are now below my visibility limit of 20. Soon, the current topics will be displaced.

I have already discontinued some topics to make room for others; but then, came the great purge of 2023. I have had to discontinue hundreds of topics of no interest or that existed prior to my joining.

if i want to find one that i discontinued, but i want to view it again, i have to wade through all those.

It would be nice if we could sort/file/categorize our discontinues by group and heading. Headings can be decided by user. for instance: never ever going to view again; mildly interested in checking on this later; really want to keep tabs on this but have to set aside for the moment. then if they were also sorted by group- even easier to locate.

the current tab for ignored messages is inadequate when it becomes bombarded.

does this make any sense?