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maaliskuu 11, 6:22 pm

Apologies if obvious to you but I rarely post these things. Adding a series used to be easy and simple, including adding books to the same series. I had to "create" a new series for two yesterday and apparently it thought both different though they are meant to be the same "series", just same characters. Is there an easy way to combine them or have them be recognised as the same series ...
Barkers -- Phipson

Both books should be on the one "series" page. Thanks.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 11, 6:52 pm

When you create the first series, you can go to the right hand column on the desktop, click into Edit Series
Then click on Add/Organize.
From there, you can search for and add books to the series.

Other way:
If you have a new series you just made, it would be under recent series. So when you go into the second book, click Add/Edit series
In that window, you can click on Recent Series and add it there.
Or search for the existing Series in the window that comes up.
Or click on the Same Author tab and find the one that you want to link.

I have now fixed the series connections you asked about.

maaliskuu 11, 10:00 pm

So what is the RSI?