Folio Archives 313: A Gardener’s Year. Edited by Tim Richardson 2008

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Folio Archives 313: A Gardener’s Year. Edited by Tim Richardson 2008

maaliskuu 9, 5:07 pm

A Gardener’s Year. Edited and introduced by Tim Richardson 2008.

This is a fascinating anthology of prose and poetry relating to gardens. Arranged by seasons, and containing extracts that vary from a few lines to a couple of pages, the book is beautifully illustrated. Contributions vary from the Bible to Buddhist texts, to John Wyndham (triffids feature), Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen.

It is a book that can be perused a page or two at a time, in between other readings or tasks, and is always delightful. Anyone who has any interest in gardening (particularly in a temperate zone) should own a copy, and it would be a wonderful gift for a gardener.

The anthology is compiled and introduced by Tim Richardson. There are over 100 colour (mainly) and monochrome illustrations integrated into the text, but there is a beautiful colour two page spread for the frontispiece and the start of each season.

The 250 page book is bound in wrap-around colour illustrated cloth with gilt spine lettering, the endpapers are plain red and the slipcase (27.2x20.2cm.) plain green.

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maaliskuu 9, 6:14 pm

Thanks for posting this, looks right up my alley. Eclectically gorgeous art!

maaliskuu 9, 7:42 pm

Wonderful. Thanks Warwick. I am now on the hunt for another book to add to my stack!