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Folio Society Locations

maaliskuu 9, 1:10 am

Hi! Does anyone know if Folio Society still have a physical location in London? Thank you

maaliskuu 9, 1:45 am

Their current office in Southwark is not open for visitors. The member's room closed in 2016.

maaliskuu 9, 4:19 am

I am surprised that The Folio Society does not open premises (including a warehouse) in the US as I suspect it is now their largest market.

maaliskuu 9, 4:33 am

They used to have offices and warehouses in both the US and Australia, but closed them a decade ago.

maaliskuu 9, 7:57 am

>3 Elmbridge: >4 wcarter: I returned a LE Moby Dick via mail to the US office only to find it had closed. The post tried to return the book to me, but I wasn't home. When I went to the post office, it wasn't there and it was never found. Someone out there got a free copy of the LE Moby Dick.

maaliskuu 9, 8:51 am

>5 SDB2012:

Someone in this very group probably got a great deal on a stolen LE Moby Dick, without even knowing! Obviously it's not their fault, but it'd be a bit funny if you remembered the number and or if someone bought it used.

maaliskuu 10, 2:58 am

>2 wcarter: Thanks!

maaliskuu 10, 8:48 am

>6 CobbsGhost: I don't have my emails going that far back, but I might have a sales receipt in my file. I'll check. I returned it for a new one because of some marks on the leather of the back cover. In hindsight, I was probably being way too picky about it. It was one of my first LEs along with Sound and Fury and got me going down the fine press rabbit hole.