OT: UK Assistance Needed for Book Purchase

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OT: UK Assistance Needed for Book Purchase

maaliskuu 7, 3:08 am


I require some little assistance with I grant, rather an odd request. I am in New Zealand, but have a UK address for parcels that NZ Post then send on.

Having located a volume on a second-hand marketplace (Vinted) that seems to be mainly EU-orientated (but incl. UK), two-stage verification is required to create an account, which, not being possessed of a cellphone whose number is prefixed '+44' presents difficulties.

I already have the address within the UK, I simply need help with a UK number to send a verification text to, and the consequent code for verification. I don’t actually need to know the number, I can send the login link and my password etc., for someone to log in as myself and complete the verification in that fashion.

maaliskuu 7, 4:53 am

>1 FitzJames: Hi FitzJames. Have you tried using a fake UK mobile that can receive texts? You can see some here: https://receive-sms-free.cc/Free-UK-Phone-Number/

maaliskuu 7, 5:02 am

>2 Guntas: I did not even know such things existed...

maaliskuu 7, 5:14 am

>2 Guntas: It would seem not, I tried two of the numbers and nothing arrived. Thank you awfully for the idea though.

maaliskuu 7, 5:24 am

>4 FitzJames: That's a shame. I used one of their US numbers the other night and it worked. Best of luck going forward!

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Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 17, 5:09 am

Wouldn't your U.K. address contact have a telephone number useful for this purpose? You already trust them (?) to handle your parcel forwarding to NZ, so why couldn't their number be sufficient for your registering at Vinted? Also, I see nothing at Vinted which indicates that NZ based customers are eligible to use the services of the site.

maaliskuu 17, 12:58 pm

As an American with similar struggles shopping on TradeMe.Co.NZ, all I can offer is my sympathies.

maaliskuu 17, 2:45 pm

>8 ambyrglow: Thank you; likewise do I offer my sympathies.

Was it anything especial that eluded you?

maaliskuu 17, 3:30 pm

>9 FitzJames: Some antique puzzles (my other collecting hobby). I had a New Zealand friend helping me out, but the seller was pretty uncommunicative (I needed weights so I could make shipping arrangements) and I got discouraged. Maybe I'll leap into the breach again at some point.