Customizing Item Check Out Email

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Customizing Item Check Out Email

maaliskuu 3, 12:41 pm


Is it possible to add information to the "Item Checked Out" email patrons get when they check an item out? We mail our books to patrons across state lines, and it would be helpful to add our return address to this email notification.


maaliskuu 14, 4:14 pm

Hi! Just checking in on this.

maaliskuu 15, 8:13 am

Sorry to miss this, this wasn't in the TinyCat Group ( so I didn't see it. This Group (Recommend Site Improvements) is intended for members to ask us to add features to the LibraryThing site that currently don't exist: you can make all questions and requests for TinyCat in the TinyCat Group.

That said, you unfortunately cannot customize the automated circulation notifications that go out to patrons/admins, at this time. If you make a request in the TinyCat Group, I can look at what we might want to do, what's possible, etc.

Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!

Kristi at LT

maaliskuu 16, 12:46 pm

I'll move this to the tinycat group - thank you!