Way to mark a thread as Read without opening it

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Way to mark a thread as Read without opening it

maaliskuu 2, 5:44 pm

The current (and very, very welcome!) rash of bug-squashing has prompted me to revisit this topic. My "Groups & Posts" view in Talk is filled with lots of threads, some of them started as long ago as 2010, whose only recent post is a staff member marking it as closed. It would be lovely to be able to mark a thread as read without having to click to open it, then click to get back to the thread list.

I know this or something similar has been requested in the past, but I can't remember if it didn't get a staff response or if staff had a reason why it couldn't/wouldn't be implemented. If the latter, might that decision be revisited in light of the LT2.0 makeover?

maaliskuu 5, 5:59 am

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maaliskuu 5, 9:40 pm

Are these threads you never want to see or want to pretend that you have read everything thus far and watch for updates?

If the former, the "X" button on the right of the list can remove the thread from your list. The other would be harder.


maaliskuu 5, 10:19 pm

>3 Keeline: I'm talking about threads I want to continue following, but don't want to read everything I've missed while I've been away.

Ignoring threads I'm not interested in at all is a great existing feature, and I did use it on many of the Bug Collectors threads I mentioned in my first post. It was just their appearing in large numbers that reminded me of all the times I've wished for the feature I described for wanted threads.

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maaliskuu 8, 12:43 pm

A workaround might be to use browser shortcuts. I use Chrome, but something similar probably works for other browsers:

1. Open the talk page in a new window.
2. Hold CTRL while clicking each thread you want to mark as read (which will open it in a separate tab but not switch to that tab).
3. Close the window (or right-click the talk page tab and select "Close tabs to the right").

maaliskuu 8, 1:02 pm

That could be doable when I'm viewing on my desktop, but is a lot more fiddly on an iPad.

maaliskuu 8, 1:16 pm

Can’t you just open the thread and then open it once more? That will take you to the bottom where you want to be.

maaliskuu 8, 1:32 pm

>8 2wonderY: I don't want to be at the bottom of the thread, or anywhere in the thread — I don't want to leave the Talk list at all. I want the unread thread to be marked as read so it's easier to find the unread threads I am actually interested in reading.

maaliskuu 8, 5:31 pm

What about colored symbols like: ⍻ (U+237B) or ® (U+00AE) {for "read"} or "???" before or after the "Ignore this Topic" icon, which marks all unread posts as read?