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Sortable other authors field

maaliskuu 2, 1:12 pm

Hello, if the other authors field could be sortable, I would be very grateful.
Yours. Marievictoire

maaliskuu 2, 1:17 pm

>1 marievictoire: It is a multi-field so there may be more than one "other author". What would you expect it to sort on in this case? Which of the many authors added there should be used to sort with?

maaliskuu 3, 1:10 pm

>2 AnnieMod: You are right.
What I need exactly would be an author index selected by function.
Typically, an index of author (illustrator).

maaliskuu 3, 1:45 pm

>3 marievictoire: If you only care about the illustrators, add them in another field (Comments for example if you do not use the field) and then you can sort based on that. It is a bit more work but... :)

PS: Just offering a workaround - does not mean the RSI is not good or won't have some implementation :)

maaliskuu 7, 12:59 pm

>4 AnnieMod: "does not mean the RSI is not good or won't have some implementation"

I thought it was an excellent RSI.

And while we're asking for ponies, it would be useful to also be able to sort/filter my authors list by tags and genres. :)