Universal Import: Notes field

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Universal Import: Notes field

helmikuu 23, 5:32 pm

I am trying to import catalog data to a TinyCat account, which I have exported from very old library software. I need some kind of field like 'Notes' to handle the miscellaneous data that is useful for the catalog, but does not fit in any of the LT field handled by universal import. I tried using 'review' but this has annoyed people, because the data I'm putting in the field is not really a review. But I don't know how else to do this for 10k+ records.

This is the description for the universal import option to upload a spreadsheet:

"Alternately, if you format your file with a precise set of columns, it will import everything in those columns. A sample spreadsheet is included on the Import page indicating the format needed. It includes the following fields: title, author, date, ISBN, publication information, tags, rating, review, entry date."

Can a notes column be added to the universal import spreadsheet?

helmikuu 23, 5:48 pm

What exactly is in these notes that you are trying to import? Maybe they can be placed into the publication information field?

maaliskuu 2, 10:33 am

Common usages include:
- translator information and original publication details
- who introduced or edited the volume
- For multi-volume works, what the title and page count are for each volume
- Page number at which the bibliography can be found

maaliskuu 2, 10:40 am

Yes, if you put that kind of information in the review field, it will upset people, and get flagged.

Some of it belongs in Other authors. Most of the rest, probably in Comments.

maaliskuu 2, 1:17 pm

So what if it gets flagged? It doesn't affect your data at all. As long as you intend to move the data to a more appropriate field after the import I don't see the problem

maaliskuu 2, 1:45 pm

I'll admit that the universal import does need upgrading.
Other Author should be added so the translator and the other potential author fields (introduction, preface, illustrator, etc.) can go into the appropriate spaces.
Editor should be Author.

Page count -- depends on if you've uploaded each volume separately or all as one block. But once it's in, you can also edit that field to break it down into multiple lines.

Where the bibliography is valid as a comment so I can see that as a good use.