Reviews of Books Not won

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Reviews of Books Not won

helmikuu 23, 3:50 pm

Often, if I do not win a requested book offered in Early Reviewers, I obtain a copy elsewhere and post a review on LT. It would be nice if the Requested section of Wins and Requests added a note when we posted a review of a Requested book we did not receive. That information might be useful in awarding future copies. Personally, I would find it useful in reviewing pervious requests to identify books I have not yet reviewed. At present, the Requested list is a mix of books I have not yet been able to obtain intermingled with books I have reviewed.

helmikuu 25, 5:33 am

At the top of the ER page you can see your requests. There is a drop-down menu at the top with two options: won, and requested. The requested list is all the books you didn't win.

maaliskuu 1, 3:22 pm

Thank you for your reply. I know that I can view the list of books I won or requested and did not win.

My suggestion is to add a green "reviewed" button that would activate when we post a review on LT of a book we did not win. Personally, I review many of the books I did not win, yet the "requested" page just shows a long list of book without distinguishing those we did and did not review.

The easy approach would be to build that function into the LT program. An alternative would be to include an option for Earlier Reviewers to provide that information. In either case, the ideal outcome would be the activation of a button identical to the green button that indicates when we have reviewed a book we won.