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Link "Burial location" CK to Find a Grave

helmikuu 15, 5:52 pm

You know how the "Related movies" field has that little trick that links to the IMDb page? Can we get that for "Burial location" and Find a Grave? Find a Grave also has a consistent ID/URL scheme (and the site actually calls attention to the IDs in a way IMDB doesn't). Maybe also incorporate burial plot information the way "Related movies" does with year.

So with, for example, in J.R.R. Tolkien's CK, you'd enter: Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford, England, UK (L2 Grave 211 | 1456)
The backend of the site would slot that number on the end into this URL:$ID
And the published form would be: Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford, England, UK (L2 Grave 211 | Find a Grave)

There should definitely be one other data point before the memorial ID, though. That way I don't have to lose one of my favorite "burial locations", cartoonist Lyn Chevli: University of California Irvine, USA (donated to medical science) -- and yes, Find a Grave also has people who weren't buried at all, here's Chevli's page.

helmikuu 15, 6:14 pm

>1 alexa_d: I've always thought that was kind of a strange field, but your suggestion sounds like it would make it more useful for the people who are interested in it.

helmikuu 15, 8:47 pm

>1 alexa_d: I have one concern as a genealogist. I started doing this in the early 70's. i drove to courthouses; drove to cemeteries; and read thousands of newspapers on film.

findagrave is better now than five years ago-but it is still just somebody's un-corroborated opinion. there are a lot of errors and people copying other errors. it can be fun- to find stuff there- but it can be wildly wrong even if the person claims: "this is my grandmother." i have cousins that dont even know their mother's name- because she didn't tell them birth name- but her sisters knew.

how are we going to verify every findagrave. i have found online obituaries from newspapers, for authors- but i dont know how those could be connected

helmikuu 16, 2:31 am

I don't think CK should connect to another site. If people want to use that site they can, but LT should not be promoting them.

helmikuu 16, 2:33 am

>4 MarthaJeanne: It already connects to IMDb.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 16, 3:22 am

>3 EGBERTINA: i have found online obituaries from newspapers, for authors- but i dont know how those could be connected
On every author page, on the right, you can add links. Obituary isn't listed as a type of link, but you can use Other and put a descriptive name in the Link Wording field.

The same could be done with links to Find A Grave, and I'm pretty sure it has been but can't think of any examples offhand.

helmikuu 16, 2:42 pm

>3 EGBERTINA: how are we going to verify every findagrave

How do we verify burial location CK now? I imagine most people who even think to check go to Find a Grave anyway. it's not like the absence of direct links means the information put on this site is any more trustworthy. We're not Wikidata, putting citiations on our citations.

Don't get me wrong, you raise a fair point, at least as far as non-famous authors are concerned, but Find a Grave has over 5000 "Famous" memorials for authors and writers, most of which have photos of the physical memorial and thus we can be fairly sure are accurate. I just think it would be neat if those could be linked in the field we already have for burial location.

helmikuu 16, 5:39 pm

>7 alexa_d: I'm not opposed. I just think that people ought to be aware and be prepared to do their own due diligence. i dont think people are going to fight over this data much- but findagrave does open the possibility of entering faulty data that someone else may later change.

When I have added such data it has been through obituaries or biographies from sources that i hope are reliable, such as university web-sites, encyclopedias, or something at least attempting to be scholastic.

helmikuu 16, 5:44 pm

one other event i have experienced with findagrave is family members that suppose a headstone implies person is buried there; died there; and that dates are never incorrect. sometimes headstones have wrong years chiseled, showing a person dead a whole year before his obituary. it's such a travesty when people get buried before they are dead.

so pictorial imagery - not the final authority.