New top-level media category and/or additional media level

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New top-level media category and/or additional media level

helmikuu 13, 1:31 pm

The video games in my catalog are currently nested under Other > Software > Video game, but I would be very happy if I could instead organize them as Software > Video Game > Disc/Digital/Cartridge, or even Video Game > Disc/Digital/Cartridge

On a related note, I'd also like to be able to specify whether a paperback book is a trade paperback or mass-market paperback, and have it nested under "Paperback" in the media field. I can add them separately under "Paper Book", but I'd prefer them both to show up when organizing my paperbacks. (And an additional media level would be a serviceable alternative to my video game conundrum.)

helmikuu 13, 1:37 pm

I see you can't create a new top level media category so that would need to be from the site programmers.

However, you CAN add your own subcategories. So you can add "Trade Paperback" by using the drop down and selecting "Add Media" from the list. It will ask you what you want to call it and where to nest it under. Once you've done this once, it will be available under your drop down for other books.

helmikuu 13, 1:53 pm

>2 gilroy: Yeah, but I can only nest it under "Paper Book" not "Paperback". I want to keep them grouped together as paperbacks, but also be able to look at them separately.

helmikuu 13, 2:09 pm

>3 alexa_d: So you're looking to go 4 levels of media.

helmikuu 13, 3:06 pm