Books on Dollhouses

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Books on Dollhouses

helmikuu 13, 10:28 am

There are at least three categories.

- surveys of dollhouses
- how-to build and furnish your own dollhouse
- Fiction about dollhouses

helmikuu 13, 10:34 am

I have
Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House
And the Official Guidebook to the same.
And Colleen Moore’s book, which I can’t locate at the moment.

helmikuu 13, 10:37 am

How-to books include
Green Dollhouse
The Big Book of a Miniature House, bought online because the cover photo stunned me.

helmikuu 13, 10:43 am

My daughter gifted me with The Book of Mini. It offers a survey of the best in miniature furnishings. Inside the front cover is an inch square facsimile book of itself.

helmikuu 14, 5:12 pm

Of course there is Rumer Godden's The Dolls' House and the stop motion animation based on it.

helmikuu 14, 5:57 pm

>5 quondame: That’s on my stack.😆

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 21, 7:30 am

I’ve been cleaning the attic bedroom so daughter can stay while she looks for a house or apartment. She’s moving back! At least for a while.
Re-shelved the childrens books and managed to get most of them up off the floor and actually on the shelves.
Found the rest of the dollhouse novels.

The Dollhouse Murders
Midnight in the Dollhouse
The Doll House Caper
Possibly Magic Elizabeth - well, there is a doll in a portrait on the cover.

And a random hardback that ended up on the floor next to my bed - The Mystery of the Cupboard. I’d like to find the first book in the series to see if it’s as good as I remember.

maaliskuu 24, 1:15 pm

The weather turned wet and cool again today; not a day to go anywhere. So I skipped class and finished reading Midnight in the Dollhouse The dolls are wonderful. They have vapors that swirl in their heads rather than brains, but they work the same way. Martinique, the cook - “her wooden bones rattled in satisfaction.”
There are four illustrations besides the cover. Very well done, especially the last one where the dolls solve a mystery.

Set near Boston just after the Civil War.

maaliskuu 24, 3:13 pm

I have The Enchanted Dolls' House by Robyn Johnson

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 24, 6:47 pm

The Doll House Caper tells how the dollhouse family foil a burglary attempt. The three human boys have always played roughly with the set, but they each have a unique connection with the dollhouse and family. Illustrations by Eric Blegvad are perfect.