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Related Series Option

helmikuu 7, 4:14 pm

Can we get a related series option of "Is a Spin-Off Of", please?

helmikuu 7, 4:41 pm

"Is a Spin-Off Of" sounds like a Work Relationship. It's a little fuzzy to me; how is that different than is "Is a (non-series) sequel/prequel to"?

Or are you looking for Series Relationships to connect series to each other? I can imagine some types: Common Protagonist, Common Setting, etc.--but they tend not to be exclusive of one another.

helmikuu 7, 5:03 pm

Are you thinking of things like NCIS "is a spin off" of "Jag" and that NCIS LA "is a spin off" of NCIS?
That type of spin off?

helmikuu 7, 8:17 pm

There is "Was inspired by" in the selection for series relationships. A bit woollier than directly labelling as a spin-off, but certainly valid as far as it goes.

>2 paradoxosalpha: For work relationships, "(non-series) sequel/prequel" seems more a good fit for when an unrelated creator gets involved, continuing something that was done as far as the original creative force was concerned. Spin-offs typically having continuity, and often concurrent events to the main/original branch, usually (for me) rules out wanting to choose that option.