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helmikuu 5, 7:07 pm

apparently new feature in which there is a green add button for quickly adding books.

for whatever reason, when adding books from a list and no other locations, i was able to add same book more than one time.

perhaps that was a bug; but i liked that bug. recently i have re-read some books in quick succession, rather than years later. first i read it then i read it to grandchildren. it comes in handy to plunk from the green button and fill in details later.

it stopped working only a few days ago.

helmikuu 6, 10:31 am

"for whatever reason, when adding books from a list and no other locations, i was able to add same book more than one time."

Can you clarify exactly what you did the last time you did this, here? Did you use the Add Books Express (ABX) button, the green add button for quickly adding books? Can you clarify what you mean when you say you added books "from a list and no other locations"?

helmikuu 6, 1:31 pm

>2 kristilabrie: so when i was working from a caldecott list, i found that i could add a book more than one time using the green "add" button. anywhere else on the site, this was not possible, only able to add a book once.

now it can only add a book once as, elsewhere.

i'm just saying i like to be able to use the button more than once- because i often own/ read a book more than one time.

helmikuu 6, 2:10 pm

>3 EGBERTINA: I see, thanks so much for clarifying! I can verify that the ABX feature is only intended to show up if you haven't cataloged that work to your LibraryThing account yet, so what you may have been seeing before was likely a bug. If you want to catalog >1 EGBERTINA: copy of a title, the "Add books" page will probably be where you want to do this. (You can, at least, add multiple sets of reading dates to a book in your library, if that helps!)

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 6, 2:49 pm

>4 kristilabrie: thank u.

i knew why it wouldn't fly.

think of it as a handicap friendly feature. when my back goes completely out and i can't sit at all, i lie here attempting to hold laptop where i can see it. now add typing, one finger, because the other hand balances the laptop. i get less and less accomplished on these days.

but thanks for explanation

helmikuu 6, 6:54 pm

>5 EGBERTINA: I don't get why you want to add multiple copies of a book because you've read it more than once. You can instead add multiple reading dates to one book record.

helmikuu 7, 9:02 am

jjwilson61 (#6):

I don't understand that use case either, but I've seen it before, and it's perfectly valid.