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Lynda's (Carmenere's) Reading Room #2

helmikuu 1, 9:46 am

My plans for this year include reading a book each month - UPDATE
1) from my RL book group - So far, so good: January While Justice Sleeps, Rosie Project
2) reading something off my shelf - Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow I had purchased it in December :0)
3) reading a book for "The Book Girls' Guide to reading across the USA - Also Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow
4) reading from the 75ers American Authors Challenge and Where the Wild Things Are Outside Over There In the Night Kitchen
5) start and complete The Complete Sherlock Holmes Volume I also off my shelf (OMS) Study in Scarlet

The question for tomorrow is "Will Lynda's books see their shadow?" (I'll take a couple outside tomorrow morning to let you know if we have 6 more weeks of winter)

helmikuu 1, 9:46 am

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 1, 9:52 am

Reading in February, so far.....
Your Table is Ready
Horse not shown, it's on my Kindle

Plans for February
The Sign of Four

helmikuu 1, 9:55 am

I requested my Book of the Month book - Someone Else's Shoes by Jojo Moyes
and since I didn't order anything for January, I used my credit for Killers of a Certain Age

helmikuu 1, 10:01 am

Happy February and happy new thread, Lynda.

helmikuu 1, 10:03 am

Thank you, Beth! Have a wonderful day!

helmikuu 1, 10:14 am

Happy new thread, Lynda.

Great seeing you so active again this year. xx

helmikuu 1, 10:16 am

>7 PaulCranswick: I hope I keep up with it, Paul. It's so much easier when the cold weather keeps me from stepping out my front door. hehe

helmikuu 1, 10:18 am

Happy new one!

helmikuu 1, 10:19 am

>9 figsfromthistle: Thanks, Anita!

helmikuu 1, 10:26 am

hello. Hope your February is a good one.

helmikuu 1, 10:38 am

Happy new thread, Lynda! Is it ridiculously cold up your way, too? I can't believe how quickly things turned down here.

helmikuu 1, 11:24 am

>11 weird_O: Welcome, Bill! Thanks and I hope your February is awesome

helmikuu 1, 11:26 am

>12 scaifea: Thanks, Amber! Yes! It is bitterly cold. Still only 19 and the sunshine is great but is not warming anything. Brrr staying inside to read and do some housework.

helmikuu 1, 12:32 pm

Happy new thread!
Oooh, only 19 degrees! That's cold!!

helmikuu 1, 1:06 pm

Happy new one, Lynda, and Happy February! I really want to read Killers of a Certain Age - I loved her Lady Julia series.

helmikuu 1, 2:03 pm

Happy new thread, Lynda!

helmikuu 1, 2:03 pm

>15 mstrust: Thanks, Jennifer! Yup, it is cccccold!

helmikuu 1, 2:07 pm

>16 Crazymamie: Thanks! It sounds really good, Mamie! I haven't read anything else by this author so I'm excited too.

helmikuu 1, 2:07 pm

>17 FAMeulstee: Thank you, Anita!

helmikuu 2, 8:19 am

Wordle 593 3/6


helmikuu 2, 8:28 am

Sweet Thursday, Lynda. Happy New Thread! Did your books see their shadow? Grins...It looks to be clear and sunny here today. Back in the 40s next week. Yah!!

helmikuu 2, 8:28 am

Well, I could just look outside and determine what the outcome would be but in the spirit of groundhog day I suffered 15f temps to make it official

helmikuu 2, 8:29 am

>22 msf59: I just posted the results, Mark! Happy Groundhog's Day to you!

helmikuu 2, 9:06 am

Happy new one! Books...shadow...*snerk*

helmikuu 2, 9:06 am

Yikes! Because I set up my second Roku upstairs they emailed me and lured me deeper into streaming with a free month of HBOMax.
My reading suffered yesterday by watching A Star is Born and Elvis. Not time wasted, both were very good. Except too many f bombs in ASiB IMO.

helmikuu 2, 9:07 am

>25 drneutron: hehe, thanks, Jim!

helmikuu 2, 3:12 pm

Oh gosh! HBOMAX drew me in again with Dionne Warwick. Ever since I was a little girl I adored her smooth vocals.

helmikuu 3, 7:07 am

Arrrrr! And I use this word so often!!
Wordle 594 6/6


helmikuu 3, 7:17 am

So, I binged The white Lotus last night. What a quirky show and I'm hooked!

The gas company is going to visit today to determine if I need a mayer upgrade for my future generator.
Otherwise I'm going to hunker down and let the frigid front move through

helmikuu 3, 11:18 am

>29 Carmenere: Wordle took me 6 today, too! Guessy-guessy there at the end. Grrr.

Karen O

helmikuu 3, 11:25 am

Happy Friday, Lynda, and happy second thread!

helmikuu 3, 12:00 pm

Happy Friday, Lynda! I have watched several episode of The White Lotus, and I have been meaning to get back to it. I love quirky shows like that, but no one wants to watch them with me and it is hard to snag viewing time to myself.

helmikuu 4, 8:31 am

Wordle 595 3/6


Tricky tricky tricky

helmikuu 4, 8:33 am

>31 klobrien2: my score is much improved today. Hope yours is too

helmikuu 4, 8:34 am

>32 alcottacre: Thanks, Stasia. Hope your weekend is delightful!

helmikuu 4, 8:40 am

>33 Crazymamie: Happy Saturday. Mamie! Truth be told, I was a bit taken aback by a scene I saw on TWL last night. Then I remembered, this is HBO and that's what they do. Still, I really didn't need to see it.

helmikuu 4, 8:46 am

Happy Saturday, Lynda. I am finally starting Horse. Whew! How are you enjoying it? I have been on the fence about seeing "Elvis" but I will probably check it out. I am a bigger film snob, than a book snob, IMHO.

helmikuu 4, 8:50 am

>38 msf59: Happy Saturday to you too, Mark! I am 51% into Horse and Brooks is an amazing writer. That's all I'll say right now! Enjoy the ride (pun intended)

helmikuu 4, 11:11 am

Happy Saturday, Lynda!

> 37 I have only watched the first three episodes, I think. I'm not very far in.

helmikuu 4, 9:05 pm

Happy new-ish thread!

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 5, 7:46 am

>41 thornton37814: Thanks, Lori!

Wordle 596 5/6

I think it's time I return to my old base word

helmikuu 5, 8:01 am

After cleaning house I read for the entire afternoon yesterday.
I'm really enjoying Horse. Brooks writes beautifully and when I read for long stretches I'm emersed in the time and place, which changes and is no easy task to keep fluid.
I hope to finish it today so I can return to the other books I'm also enjoying.

Finished season 1 of White Lotus and season 2 ep 1. I've come to realize, that in some ways it is a modern day Fantasy Island

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 5, 11:49 am

Pretty much my to do list for today :0).
Sorry for the angle

helmikuu 5, 4:21 pm

>23 Carmenere: WOW! It really is cold in your area of Ohio. I am always aware of the flatness of Beavercreek, Ohio which is near Dayton, when I visit daughter Amy. Where I live in NE PA, there are mountains. The wind is not buffeted by the mountains, and the chill is severe.

>43 Carmenere: I know White Lotus is getting a lot of attention. I started to watch the first episode, and it didn't grab me. Actually, I thought the same thing, ie that it was analogous to Fantasy Island. Now, I wonder how many are old enough to remember that series with the annoying voice of "The Plane!" "De Plane!"

helmikuu 5, 6:58 pm

>42 Carmenere: I had the same thought today!

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 6, 7:46 am

>45 Whisper1: Overall, it hasn't been a bad winter. We get a couple of itches, it melts. It gets bitterly cold then it feels springlike. A real roller coaster.

That's what I was thinking too! I think the show is directed to a younger audience. People in their 20's, 30's, even 40's wouldn't see the similarities. Maybe it's the nostalgia that's part of the enjoyment for me. Each season is in a different location too which appeals to me.

helmikuu 6, 7:46 am

>46 EBT1002: Haha I went back to my old base word this morning and it wasn't all that helpful. Back to random!

Wordle 597 4/6


Muokkaaja: helmikuu 6, 8:04 am

Morning, Lynda. I hope you had a good weekend. I am sure you have a nice lead on me, with Horse but I am 154 pages in, so nearing the halfway point. Still loving it...

helmikuu 6, 8:58 am

>49 msf59: Greetings, Mark! I could have finished it last night but my kindle ran out of gas. I’m sure I’ll complete it tonight.’
Glad you’re loving it. Brooks writing is so fluid. She’s awesome!

helmikuu 6, 9:01 am

Today is Mah Jongg Monday so I’ll be headed there later this morning with a stop at the library and grocery store.
The Senior center is beginning beginners mah jongg on Tuesdays as well. I may go both days because I really want to learn this game.
See ya later.

helmikuu 6, 12:07 pm

Morning, Lynda! I totally agree about White Lotus having Fantasy Island vibes. I used to watch that one back in my teens - it came on directly after Love Boat, and sometimes a story arc from Love Boat would continue on Fantasy Island.

>44 Carmenere: LOVE this!

helmikuu 7, 7:07 am

>52 Crazymamie: Morning Mamie! Yes! I remember that!
It's funny, when I mentioned this to Will, who has never seen Fantasy Island, blurted out "De plane, de plane"! It seems those words survive today despite the passage of time.

Lia and Lev are wonderful companions.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 7, 7:40 am

Wordle 598 2/6


Ha! Easy peasy!!

My book of the month selections were delivered yesterday. To say I felt like a school girl on scholastic book delivery day would be an understatement.!!

helmikuu 8, 9:36 am

I'm stuck on wordle. I'll get back to it later.
But now, I'm headed off to library. I took the tutorial and can now transfer VHS tapes to flash drive. I'm looking forward to it but bittersweet. these tapes are 20 years old. Little baby Will - and of course Bill and my mom and dad. I'm in a room by myself so if I get emotional no one will know.

helmikuu 8, 10:11 am

Morning, Lynda! I'll be thinking about you as you transfer those tapes to flash drive.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 8, 2:57 pm

>56 Crazymamie: Thanks, Mamie! Actually, I couldn't stop smiling.
It is a room surrounded by glass so other library patrons were probably wondering what I was up to in there.
I learned my flash don't take an hours worth of video so I'll go back next week to make several smaller files
I do have a couple of smaller files that did fit so I'm about to check them out🤞

ETA: I've got two easter egg hunts and a conversation with 2yr old Will. Talking Thomas the Tank Engines, playdoh and bob the builder. Our library is wonderful to bring these devices to us! Our tax dollars at work!!

helmikuu 9, 8:14 am

Wordle 600 X/6

Such a promising start. Wawawaaaaa

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 9, 8:30 am

Sweet Thursday, Lynda. I loved Horse. It is my second 5 star read of the year. I am glad you were able to read along with us. I hope we can do it again. Good luck with the VHS transferring.

helmikuu 9, 9:05 am

Good Thursday, Mark! I did too. My first 5 star of the year. Thanks for hosting the Horse thread. Your puns were hilarious!
I think the transfer should go well, the first time is getting acquainted with the equipment but I still did fairly well.

helmikuu 9, 9:50 am

>57 Carmenere: That is full of fabulous, Lynda! Believe it or not, we did not take any video of our kids, but we have tons of photos. Rae had BIG love for Thomas the Tank Engine - we still have all of her trains and wooden railroad pieces.

helmikuu 9, 11:07 am

>61 Crazymamie: Yes, tons of photos too which I may or may not eventually organize into shutterfly albums. Bill surprised me with a video camera at our wedding shower so I used it quite a bit.
Yeah, us too! we said if there is one childhood toy we must keep, it's Thomas and all its accessories. The rubbermaid container takes up a sizeable amount of space in our cubbyhole. Too many memories to give away or sell.

helmikuu 9, 11:13 pm

>58 Carmenere: Too bad about the Wordle, Lynda. I got that one barely in the nick of time. Good luck with transferring your videos. You remind me that I have to do something with some of my photos that I can't see anymore. Like the CD of my Dad's photos that all of my computers think is a DVD.

helmikuu 10, 9:57 am

>63 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg, That's the way it goes sometimes. The worst part is losing my streak and starting again at 0. :0(
Isn't it crazy how fast technology is changing?! When Will was little I wrote, I thought, a very clever story about dinosaurs in the supermarket. I saved it to a floppy disk! Always make a paper back up, is what I have learned.
Good luck with your dad's photos. Ya think it would be so easy just to tell your computer, no, it's a cd! Argh!

helmikuu 10, 9:58 am

Wordle 601 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩. Better. But still meh

helmikuu 11, 7:06 am

Wordle 602 5/6

Almost stumped

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 14, 8:14 am

#7 Horse
Geraldine Brooks
Thanks to Mark for setting up the Group Read of this book. Otherwise, I would have put off reading it but the month of February was perfect timing.

Readers of American historical fiction will love this novel and it’s perfect for Black History Month. The reader is brought to pre-civil war Kentucky and present day Washington DC to follow the love story that is Lexington and Jarret. This novel checks all the boxes: well drawn characters, sense of place, tension and masterful writing. Highly recommend

helmikuu 12, 8:10 am

Wordle 603 3/6


helmikuu 12, 8:25 am

Morning, Lynda! Happy Sunday.

>68 Carmenere: Nice.

helmikuu 12, 8:54 am

>67 Carmenere: I am very happy you enjoyed it, Lynda. It was a good Group Read and it looks like will have another one in July, with East of Eden.

helmikuu 12, 1:41 pm

>69 Crazymamie: happy Sunday, Mamie!
It's a beautiful day here. So sunny I decided to take a walk through the development, about 3 miles and I'm pooped. Time to get into shape

helmikuu 12, 1:43 pm

>70 msf59: Yes it was, Mark. I'm really looking forward to East of Eden. July will be here in a blink

helmikuu 13, 9:22 am

Happy Monday to all!
It's Mah Jongg Monday but also Book Club day! Oooo so much excitement! We'll be discussing the Rosie Project.
Wordle has me stumped so I put it aside to let it marinate.

helmikuu 13, 8:04 pm

Wordle 604 5/6


helmikuu 14, 7:17 am

Wordle 605 5/6


Muokkaaja: helmikuu 14, 7:30 am

Happy Valentine's Day my lovely reading buddies!
Since group reads are done, I'm Back to reading Spare, Epitaph and I pulled my Sherlock volume off the shelf and another for the AAC.

Long overdue haircut and color today, maybe lunch with SIL

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 14, 7:30 am

Big vacay plans in the works
More to come.

helmikuu 14, 8:27 am

#8 The Rosie Project
Graeme Simsion
Library group read

Cute romance which somewhat explores some one on the Spectrum. (fellow readers in the group mentioned that word often, I’m not too familiar with it)
Don is that person, a very intelligent college professor but has the inability to distinguish between a jacket for warmth and a jacket appropriate for a fancy restaurant. He’s not a very good reader of the emotions of others, has a precise schedule, desires a certain type of woman who checks all his boxes. This is part of the reason his dating questionnaire is not the success he had hoped.
Enter Rosie. She’s initially not in his life for romance and she certainly isn’t Don’s type but somehow this book becomes a mystery and with the supporting characters becomes a heartwarming novel.

helmikuu 14, 8:31 am

#9 Your Table is Ready
Michael Cecchi-Azzolina

Definitely some Anthony Bourdain vibes here. Instead of stories from restaurants circa 1970’s, 1980’s from the Chef’s viewpoint, author, Michael Cecchi-Azzolina is a career waiter/maitre d’.
Sex, drugs and alcohol are not only out on the streets of New York City but also prevalent in the workplace of high end establishments. Crazy times to be sure!
Regardless, the staff did accomplish their jobs and customers swarmed to these locales. Cecchi is a name dropper, to be sure, and that’s part of the appeal to this memoir.
Enjoyable read however makes you think twice before making that next dinner reservation.

helmikuu 14, 10:07 am

Happy Valentine's!
Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

helmikuu 14, 11:02 am

Morning, Lynda! Happy Valentine's Day! Like Jennifer, I want to read about your vacation plans.

>78 Carmenere: I have not read this one, but I do have it in the stacks. Rae is on the Spectrum - specifically, she has Asperger's Syndrome, but they don't use that anymore and now say they are on the Autism Spectrum. She has trouble reading people's emotions and body language, is very literal, is very black and white with no gray, likes things to be the same and predictable, clothes for her are more about texture and weight than looks...She has trouble with humor, so shows like Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond are difficult for her.

>79 Carmenere: This one sounds interesting.

helmikuu 14, 11:07 am

>79 Carmenere: You got me with Your Table is Ready — onto my TBR it goes! Thanks!

Karen O

helmikuu 14, 5:48 pm

>80 mstrust: Thanks, Jennifer! Same to you! I hope Mike has something great planned for you!

Still tying up the loose vacay strings. Reveal coming soon :0)

helmikuu 14, 5:56 pm

>81 Crazymamie: Same to you and yours, Mamie! Details to come fairly soon :0)
>78 Carmenere: Ah, thank you for sharing your firsthand knowledge! If you ever do read The Rosie Project I'd love to hear your take on it and if the author dealt with the situations accurately. If I remember correctly, I returned the book to the library yesterday, the author may also have first hand knowledge.
>79 Carmenere: Enlightening, to say the least.

helmikuu 14, 5:57 pm

>82 klobrien2: I hope you are amused/shocked by it as much as I, Karen and You're welcome! :0)

helmikuu 15, 7:47 am

Happy Wednesday, Lynda. I am so glad you enjoyed The Rosie Project. The follow-up was fun too.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 15, 9:34 am

Wordle 606 5/6


I've never not had a letter in my first two guesses!

helmikuu 15, 9:36 am

Oh wow,it is Wednesday, isn't it?! Happy Wednesday to you too, Mark.
Blustery day over hear but I had to look twice at the temperature on my phone - 55f. Spring!?

helmikuu 15, 9:38 am

Back to the library vhs lab today. haha with all the tapes I have and at the pace I'm going, this could take years.
Will recommended I get a hard drive instead of using flash drives. It's on order, but today it'll be flash drives.

helmikuu 16, 9:04 am

Wordle 607 5/6


So yesterday at the digital memory lab, as they call it, was a partial fail. Captured the video, no audio. I'll go back Saturday and try again.
Feeling out of sorts today so just lying low and I hope to read big chunk of Spare, perhaps complete it.

helmikuu 17, 8:27 am

Wordle 608 3/6

That's better!
Happy Friday!
Volunteer work at church this morning.
I made a fairly delicious Greek pizza last night. Healthy too!

helmikuu 18, 6:49 am

Wordle 609 4/6


helmikuu 18, 8:20 am

Happy Saturday, Lynda. Back to 45F today, with sunshine. Yah! I have been enjoying this winter. I plan on taking Juno for a bird stroll a bit later.

helmikuu 18, 8:48 am

>93 msf59: Back at cha, Mark! Yes, no complaints here. It's been a nice winter and I'm so happy I didn't purchase a snow removal contract for the season but instead pay by the push. Knock on wood- It stays this way.
Enjoy your walk with Juno.

helmikuu 19, 1:49 am

I'm looking forward to the vacay reveal, Lynda. Good luck with your video project.

helmikuu 20, 6:41 am

>95 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg. Thanks, both projects are keeping me busy

helmikuu 20, 6:47 am

Wordle 611 3/6


Yesterday My streak was broken once again. Off to a good start on my next streak.

Attending funeral of Bill's cousin today.
Maybe some reading time tonight.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 21, 8:53 am

Wordle 612 3/6

How in the world?!

After a weekend in Montreal with his buddies, Will returned to the homestead and will be here about a week before heading back to his apartment. Yayyyy!

Trying to finish up 3 books before the end of February but it's not going to be easy with
Springlike temps and symptoms of spring fever starting to show

helmikuu 21, 3:54 pm

Hello, Lynda! Happy Tuesday. Your Worldle is pretty amazing.

Hooray for having Will home for a whole week - I know that is very happy making.

Good luck with the finishing up of the books.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 22, 5:56 pm
In the past, I’ve mentioned, on my thread, my favorite book tuber, Jack in the Books. I particularly want to share this episode with you.
While in Dublin to accept a literary award at Trinity College, he decides to visit every bookstore in Dublin. It is a feast for every book lovers eyes.

oops technical difficulties. Sorting out the issue

helmikuu 22, 7:59 am

>99 Crazymamie: Hi Mamie! Yesterday was a complete day of leisure. I watched several Twilight Zone episodes and their corresponding synopsis from the book. Enlightening! Will got caught up on video games with buddies. So sweet to hear the pitterpatter of feet in the house.

helmikuu 22, 8:29 am

Morning, Lynda! Hooray for a day of complete leisure and the pitter-patter of feet in the house.

>100 Carmenere: I had not heard of Jack in the Books before. Is this the link you are trying to post?

Jack in the Books Literary Dublin Tour

helmikuu 22, 8:48 am

>102 Crazymamie: Yes! Thank you,!! How did you post the link?

helmikuu 22, 8:49 am

Wordle 613 4/6


helmikuu 22, 8:57 am

>105 Crazymamie: That's what I did too using this What link did you use?

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 22, 9:14 am

>107 Crazymamie: Ahhh, interesting. So the link comes directly from the Google address and not from the "share" link on the video. Thanks again :0)

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 22, 9:57 am

Mamieeeee! Please tell me what I'm doing wrong here. This link takes me to New Topic on LT.
a href=“”>Jack in the Books
I didn't add the first carrot or the carrot/a> at the end.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 22, 10:54 am

You need the a lesser than carrot placed before the final /a>

*does that make sense? So lesser than sign, slash, a, greater than sign at the very end

helmikuu 22, 12:05 pm

>110 Crazymamie: That's weird because it's what I did. Grr it's probably just me 😂

helmikuu 22, 12:49 pm

>111 Carmenere: I don't know. Maybe it's you slanted quote marks? Mine are straight. In >107 Crazymamie: I just copied and pasted the address, and that takes you to the video, so you could always just do that.

helmikuu 23, 7:53 am

Wordle 614 5/6


helmikuu 23, 7:54 am

>112 Crazymamie: The cyber gods were not in my favor yesterday. Ugh

helmikuu 23, 8:08 am

Sweet Thursday, Lynda. We got a real soaking yesterday and I am very happy that it was rain and not snow. We could have got a foot or so. Whew! Hope you are dodging it too.

helmikuu 23, 9:25 am

>114 Carmenere: I hear you. I am not tech savvy enough to be able to figure out what is not working - sorry.

Hoping Thursday is kind to you!

helmikuu 23, 9:32 am

>115 msf59: Howdy Mark! Yesterday morning was Ugleeeee! Ice blanketed the trees, bird feeders, roads etc etc etc. it eventually turned to rain but overall blah day. Today’s forecast is sunny and high of 65. Makes my head spin.

helmikuu 23, 9:33 am

>116 Crazymamie: Makes two of us, Mamie! There’s only so much info my brain cares to retain and tech stuff is not one of them.
Wishing you tons of goodness today.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 23, 10:04 am

#10 Spare
Prince Harry

Overall a sad family saga.
PH is not the first person to be a spare to the future monarch but, and this is just my opinion, he seems to be very sensitive, overly sensitive?, and takes the role to heart. The first 3/4’s of the book focuses on sibling rivalry, the strain of his mum’s sudden death, his stint in the army, finding a role for himself, inevitably finding a mate and hints at royal egos and palace courtiers juggling nicey nice with the British press.
The last quarter of the book is when the * really hits the fan. Racist remarks, comparisons, both mainly by the press, leaks to the press by insiders, PH’s obsessions about finding and keeping a girlfriend who is willing to withstand the abuse and intrusions of the press proves all that glitters is not good.
Again, it is unfortunate that this family is torn apart over what amounts to squabbles and miss understandings and, according to PH, British tabloids.
A good read with a first hand glimpse of royal life from an insider.

helmikuu 24, 11:17 am

Wordle 615 5/6

Sigh. I'm losing my touch :0(

helmikuu 25, 8:02 am

Wordle 616 4/6


Muokkaaja: helmikuu 25, 1:37 pm

#11 Bewilderment
Richard Powers
AAC challenge

A gentle tale of love, loss and acceptance becomes an in your face diatribe on the ecosystem. I understand that Powers has an agenda here and, although I’m sympathetic to the issues, it is not the reason I enjoy reading fiction.
I’d be a bit leery about picking up anything else by this author.

helmikuu 26, 7:21 am

Wordle 617 3/6

That was a fun one!

helmikuu 27, 9:12 am

Wordle 618 5/6


Muokkaaja: helmikuu 27, 10:06 am

It’s mah jongg Monday!
Then after, I need to emerse myself in two books I want to complete in February; Epitaph and The Sign of Four

helmikuu 27, 10:28 am

Good Morning. You are reading enjoyable books! Keeping busy is one of the keys to dealing with grief. That, and friends.

helmikuu 27, 10:58 am

>126 Whisper1: Morning, Linda! Yes and yes! One needs to occupy the mind with happy things :0)

helmikuu 27, 11:50 am

Morning, Lynda! Hoping Mah Jongg Monday is full of fabulous.

Good luck finishing up your February books.

helmikuu 28, 9:06 am

>128 Crazymamie: Hi there Mamie! I won 2 games of Mah jongg yesterday!! I think the veil of confusion has finally lifted!!

I accomplished a little reading yesterday but hope to finish something today as I have no pressing engagements today.

helmikuu 28, 9:06 am

Wordle 619 4/6


helmikuu 28, 7:11 pm

#12 The Sign of Four
Arthur Conan Doyle

Similar to Study in Scarlet, The Sign of Four lays out the case Holmes and Watson are employed to solve and once solved the full explanation of why it occurred is revealed.
Overall the story is a good one but be prepared, it reflects British colonialism in the 1800’s and geared towards the reader at that time who more than likely found it acceptable.
The highlight of this story, however, is the developing romance of Dr. Watson and Miss Morstan. Who would have thought?!

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 1, 7:17 am

I love this new end table from Wayfair. I have another on the opposite side of the sofa. I've got them sorted for future reads and this one is current and upcoming reads.
Do you see the vacation reveal?

maaliskuu 1, 8:02 am

Happy Wednesday, Lynda. We had similar feelings about Bewilderment. We are in the minority there. How are you enjoying the MDR? I should also reread the Sherlock Holmes series. Good idea. Nice end table.

maaliskuu 1, 8:18 am

>133 msf59: Hi Mark! Hurray for the minority! I tend to believe some reviewers hold back on their true feelings because it's not PC. I calls em as I sees em.
I'm liking Epitaph but I enjoyed Doc more so.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 1, 9:54 am

Wordle 620 4/6

Slow go!

Sunny day here and 60f gives me energy I've been lacking sooo first I'll do my stint at church library then Aldli's and once home, do some cleaning I've been putting off.

maaliskuu 1, 10:03 am

Mah jongg!! It's been ages since I have played. My library has Mah jongg tournaments. Perhaps I will join in one day. So much fun.

Happy mid week :)

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 1, 1:48 pm

>136 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita! I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed learning Mah jongg. After 4 months of struggling with the intricacies of the game, I feel it's all come together and the tiles and the cards of possible hands are finally making sense. I hope you join the tournament. I bet that's exciting.

maaliskuu 1, 12:07 pm

Oh, you'll be going to Alaska! That's fabulous! 🤩

maaliskuu 1, 1:49 pm

Congratulations, Barbara! You've won the salmon!
>138 Ameise1:

maaliskuu 1, 1:58 pm

😍thanks so much 😋😀

maaliskuu 1, 2:32 pm

How fun! When do you go?

maaliskuu 1, 2:53 pm

>122 Carmenere: I have very mixed feelings on Bewilderment. My bookclub meets this Friday and I can't wait to see what everyone thought.

And yay for Mah Jong! I just played with family last week and I won twice -- whoohoo! Some of them don't like to be too competitive, so we each use a card from a different year so no one can tell (based on calls) what hand the others might be going for and then try and thwart them. LOL

Happy Wednesday!

maaliskuu 2, 5:21 am

I liked Bewilderment way more than you did, but it wasn't as good as the other books by Powers that I have read.

>132 Carmenere: What a nice table/book case. I have no room for it, but it is tempting!

maaliskuu 2, 7:38 am

Wordle 621 4/6


maaliskuu 2, 7:39 am

>140 Ameise1: hehe Enjoy!

maaliskuu 2, 7:40 am

>141 mstrust: This summer 🌞

maaliskuu 2, 8:32 am

>142 Berly: Hmm, I’ll mosey over to your thread to see how it went.

Nice going, Kim! And that’s a good idea especially with family.

maaliskuu 2, 8:35 am

>143 FAMeulstee: Maybe I shouldn’t give up on Powers. Which book would you recommend?

I like the dual purpose of it and it keeps me a bit more organized.

maaliskuu 3, 4:54 am

>148 Carmenere: The others I have read are The Overstory and The Time of Our Singing, I loved both.
You can find my thoughts about The Time of our Singing in my december 2022 thread, msg 213, and about The Overstory I was very short in 2020: Great book about trees, people, earth, reminded me a bit of Barkskins by Annie Proulx..

maaliskuu 3, 7:06 am

>149 FAMeulstee: Thanks Anita!! I'm adding The Time of Our Singing to my wishlist . It sounds like an interesting story and I love novels concerning music.

maaliskuu 3, 7:06 am

Wordle 622 3/6

Not bad :0)

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 3, 7:21 am

The forecast is for an all day gully washer so I'll be inside reading Epitaph which I wanted to finish in February but did not and get a start on Incredibly Bright Creatures for library book group

Spent 3 hours in the Digital legacy lab at the library yesterday down loading vhs to portable hard drive.. Will is going to enjoy these because he doesn't recall out trips to Utah and the Poconos when he was 2. I had also videoed A Day in the Life of Will which I'd completely forgotten about. It was our daily routine when Bill and I were working and I dropped Will off at my parents house on my way to work.

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 3, 7:47 am

Morning, Lynda. Happy Friday. I am glad I am not alone about mixed feelings about Bewilderment. I was beginning to think I was the only one. You should have a great time with Remarkably Bright Creatures.

It looks like the snowstorm moving through will pass just south of us. Even if we just get a couple of inches, I am okay with that. Have a good weekend.

maaliskuu 3, 9:35 am

Yikes! How did this happen?!
March proposed reads:

From Alaska I'm reading 10 pages a day
Epitaph was a February read continuing in March
Twilight Man I'm reading episodes in chronological order and then watching the episode on Paramount +
The remainder are books for various RL book groups and some I just want to read soonish.

maaliskuu 3, 9:36 am

>153 msf59: Hey Mark! Yeah, you win some, you lose some.
I've heard great things about RBC and I'm excited to start.
No snow here. Just rain me thinks.

maaliskuu 3, 10:30 am

Morning, Lynda! I love the new end tables. They take up a small footprint but are like a piece of art. And book storage!

And Alaska! Most exciting!

A Day in the Life of Will - such a great idea to have captured that.

Good luck with your March stack - looks like you've got your work cut out for you. Heh.

maaliskuu 3, 11:48 am

>156 Crazymamie: Yup, they have the modern look I was trying to achieve...and at the right price :0)

We are stoked about Alaska!

I haven't told him about The Day in the Life yet. I think I'll forward it too him around his birthday next month.

Ha! Thanks, Luck is what I'm definitely going to need to read all of those books!

maaliskuu 4, 6:02 am

Wordle 623 4/6


maaliskuu 5, 8:16 am

Wordle 624 6/6

Well. That was close

maaliskuu 6, 7:51 am

Wordle 625 4/6

Aweee. My first kitty's name

maaliskuu 6, 10:35 am

Mah Jongg Monday! Already read a few pages from Remarkably Bright Creatures and I'll continue later this afternoon. The writing is so smooth, I could read for hours.

maaliskuu 7, 6:37 am

Wordle 626 4/6


maaliskuu 7, 7:36 am

Morning, Lynda. I like your idea of reading The Twilight Man and then watching the episodes. We are also watching some of the classic episodes too. Most of them are very good.

maaliskuu 7, 8:41 am

>163 msf59: Morning Mark! I just watched Time Enough at Last. Haha Every readers nightmare episode.
I watched it many years ago and focused on the ending but the shameful and hateful actions of the wife never registered until now. Can you imagine our spouses defacing our treasured tomes? Never!

maaliskuu 7, 10:55 am

All caught up with you, Lynda. I’m excited about your upcoming trip to Alaska. Other than Northern Michigan (because I get to see my relatives), our trip to Alaska in July of 2008 was probably my favorite vacation in the U.S. It’s more like a country than a state. We drove for hours and hours and saw nothing but majestic trees…loved it…but then I am a big Richard Powers fan and love his books featuring trees. ;-)

We’ve had a few of those springlike days here in Southern Missouri. It makes me want to start on gardening chores. It’s a pretty short window before the summer heat and humidity drive me back indoors to air-conditioning.

I’m glad you are enjoying your Mah-Jongg games and that the confusion is lifting. I’m still fascinated (and often confused) about duplicate bridge. I’ve thought about trying MJ but would have to give up something to fit it in.

maaliskuu 8, 9:19 am

Back to the Digital Legacy Lab today with a number of unidentified VHS tapes. Could be tv shows or movies I had taped, could be video's of family . It'll be fun to find out.

maaliskuu 8, 9:35 am

Wordle 627 5/6


maaliskuu 8, 9:38 am

>165 Donna828: Hi Donna! We've never been to the Pacific NW let alone Alaska
It's going to be quite the adventure

I haven't played bridge but I hope to domeday

maaliskuu 8, 5:24 pm

I have played mah jong a time or three over here with Chinese Malaysians and I usually get thrashed. The one game which is as fascinating as it is incomprehensible is Go.

maaliskuu 10, 4:10 pm

>169 PaulCranswick: I've heard accomplished mah jongg players are cut throat. Haha I'm no where near that level.
I'll need to check out Go. I think it's an ancient game isn't it?

maaliskuu 10, 4:11 pm

Wordle 628 4/6


I feel blah so I'm cuddled up with Lev, semi snoozing and readings bit.

maaliskuu 12, 9:21 am

Wordle 631 4/6

This almost drover insane

I need to finish a book for tomorrows book club so I'll be lying low today. Still feeling kinda fuzzy

maaliskuu 12, 9:56 am

Happy Sunday, Lynda. I hope you are having a good weekend and enjoying those books. We got a couple of inches of snow but nothing on the paved surfaces. Whew!

maaliskuu 14, 8:25 am

Happy Pi Day. Mark! I am so done with snow! Right now we have about 3 inches since last night and more on the way. Ugh the books and Netflix have been keeping me warm

maaliskuu 14, 8:26 am

Wordle 633 6/6

Yikes that was a close one!

maaliskuu 14, 8:36 am

Remarkably Bright Creatures
Shelby Van Pelt

Something fishy is going on at the aquarium. Marcellus who is very perceptive and somewhat of a hoarder, unravels not only his legs but secrets of the past.
Nice story, fast read

maaliskuu 14, 11:07 am

Morning, Lynda! Just stopping in to see what you're up to.

maaliskuu 14, 1:17 pm

Hi Mamie! I still feel alittle off, a little fuzzy but carrying on. Will’s coming home for a few days so I’m giving the house a dusting.
Thanks for visiting, I’m kinda sluggish do haven’t been around the threads much.\
Hope all is good at the PP

maaliskuu 14, 4:19 pm

I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. Hoping you are feeling better soon. Will coming home is sure to be good medicine.

All is fine with us - Rae just celebrated her 31st birthday yesterday which seems impossible.

maaliskuu 15, 8:25 am

Wordle 634 4/6


maaliskuu 15, 8:37 am

>179 Crazymamie: Morning Mamie! Oooo happy birthday to Rae!! I'm sure it was a lovely celebration!!

Back to the Digital Legacy Lab today. I've got 5 unlabeled VHS tapes and 1 dated 1988. Should be interesting.

I'm still enjoying Twilight Zone episodes.

maaliskuu 16, 8:37 am

Wordle 635 4/6


maaliskuu 17, 7:57 am

Wordle 636 4/6

I was hoping all my blocks would be green to celebrate the day.

maaliskuu 17, 8:02 am

Digital lab was interesting. I had video of Cancun circa 1991 when the beach was not so built up. Virtually still untouched.

maaliskuu 17, 8:07 am

Morning, Lynda. Happy Friday. I hope the books are treating you well. I am finishing up 2 NF titles and then I will start an Alice Munro collection. I haven't read her in a number of years. Have a good weekend.

maaliskuu 18, 10:16 am

Wordle 637 3/6


maaliskuu 18, 10:20 am

>185 msf59: Happy Saturday, Mark! The books and I are continuing our love affair.
Hope Alice is a good return for you.

maaliskuu 19, 9:09 am

Wordle 638 3/6


maaliskuu 19, 9:14 am

I'm feeling more like myself again. I attribute it to Will's visit and a big pot of Hungarian beef soup.
I'm having brunch with Will and girlfriend and her mom before the kids head back to Cbus.
Doesn't feel like spring here. Snow flurries and temps around 20f. The good news is back to 60's later this week. Boy do I need warmth and sunshine

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 19, 5:08 pm

Good job getting today's Wordle in 3, Lynda. And yesterday!

Sorry you have snow. I'm personally done with winter even though I know we still need more of it. It has been too dry a winter. That said, I've been enjoying our sunshine and 50-ish temps. I'm ready for 60-ish.

maaliskuu 21, 8:07 am

Wordle 640 4/6


maaliskuu 21, 8:11 am

>190 EBT1002: hey Ellen!;I am so done with the grey days. It's just unbearable but today the sun is shining brightly a reason to smile.
It's crazy how California is getting all the rain and snow and your area is dry. Ugh

maaliskuu 22, 7:28 am

Wordle 641 4/6


maaliskuu 22, 8:19 am

Happy Birthday, dear Lynda.

maaliskuu 22, 10:38 am

>194 PaulCranswick: Thank you so much, Paul! If my memory serves me correctly, that means your wedding anniversary is tomorrow! Cheers to us, both!

maaliskuu 22, 10:59 am

maaliskuu 22, 11:35 am

Happy Birthday, Lynda!

maaliskuu 22, 12:32 pm

>195 Carmenere: Indeed, Lynda!

Thank you my dear. 27 years. Hani never likes my comment "27 years? you get a lesser sentence for armed robbery!"

maaliskuu 22, 7:44 pm

>196 mstrust: Thanks. Jennifer!

maaliskuu 22, 7:45 pm

>197 Crazymamie: Thanks. Mamie!

maaliskuu 22, 7:46 pm

>198 PaulCranswick: Hahaha! I bet that goes over like a lead balloon!! Oh your poor suffering wife ;0)

maaliskuu 22, 8:11 pm

>201 Carmenere: I think she does a little better than I do, Lynda. I spend all day at work making the money that she has endless ideas of diminishing!

maaliskuu 23, 7:23 am

>202 PaulCranswick: hehe Well, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. It's tough!

maaliskuu 23, 7:32 am

I am happier than a pup in a dog park!
My whole house generator is scheduled to be installed today!! I'm sick and tired of feeling like I'm camping in my own house when the power goes out which includes loss of water plus all electrical. Happy birthday to me :)

maaliskuu 23, 7:36 am

Morning, Lynda. Sweet Thursday. We have rain here for the next 2 days. I am still waiting for a spring warm-up, but the books, the birds and the babies are treating me just fine.

Congrats on the generator. Good move!

maaliskuu 23, 10:25 am

Morning, Lynda! What an excellent birthday present! We have a generator, but we have to hook it up each time and then chose what it will power, so I would love to have a whole house one that was actually installed. Next house, for sure.

maaliskuu 24, 8:04 am

>205 msf59: Happy Friday, Mark! Looks like will have 1 day of spring tomorrow before temps go back to 40’s. Ha, I’ll take it.
Saw a nice looking doe stroll thru my front yard this morning. Maybe she’s looking for a comfortable place for her baby.

Yay me! I think I’m one of the last in the development to get some sort of generator. It’s been a long time coming.

maaliskuu 24, 8:07 am

Congrats on getting a generator. Does your power go out a lot?

maaliskuu 24, 8:07 am

>206 Crazymamie: Happy Friday, Mamie! Yes, isn’t it!? My neighbors have a generator like yours and would often share it with my refrigerator by extra long extension cord. I realize I can’t become dependent on them and although it’s so nice of them to protect my food, I really need to be self sufficient.

maaliskuu 24, 8:08 am

Wordle 643 3/6


maaliskuu 24, 8:14 am

>208 figsfromthistle: Yes, it does, Anita! We have numerous old trees in our area and a sub-par electrical network. So when trees fall or sometimes when it’s perfectly nice the power goes out. It happens often and sometimes for multiple days when a larger area is affected by storms. haha my neighbor said because I have a generator the power will probably never go out again.

maaliskuu 24, 3:07 pm

#13 Galatea
Madeline Miller

Well this was a pleasant surprise. I discovered this novella while browsing the “new additions” bookshelf at my library. When I saw it was written by the Queen of retold mythological stories, I had to grab it.
I was not disappointed.
Ms Miller retells the story, for a new generation, of a Pygmalion type man who has sculpted a most beautiful statue which was brought to life by a goddess. The sculptor hides the woman away and keeps her in solitude for his own pleasure. In due time, this stone come to life, needs her independence and only she can come to the aid of her daughter who is in harms way.
Short, succinct and perfectly written.

maaliskuu 24, 7:17 pm

#14 Heart to Heart A Conversation on Love and Hope for Our Precious Planet
His Holiness The Dalai Lama

I loved this slim book! It’s not a hit you over the head with a frying pan wake up call about conserving the earth but rather a gentle nudge that only the Dalai Lama can provide.
I’d call this book the Dalai Lama manifesto as he proposes we need a compassionate revolution and then provides steps in which the citizens of the world scan achieve it.
For example he suggests: We need a radical reorientation away from preoccupation with self and turn toward the wider community of beings. Learn to live in harmony and peace with each other and with nature because kindness and compassion are lacking now.
If you want to change the world, first strive to improve and change yourself.
It is our responsibility to work towards this because a peaceful world requires peaceful minds and peaceful hearts.
The ultimate goal is to reach bodhichitta - a good heart imbued with wisdom.
The book includes minimal text and lovely illustrations. I would love to start reading this book to children as early in their life as possible.

maaliskuu 25, 6:13 am

Wordle 644 4/6


maaliskuu 25, 7:10 pm

Hi Lynda. Sorry I missed your birthday!

P and I went for a walk today and it got significantly shortened by the cold and wind. Yuck.

maaliskuu 25, 8:33 pm

>215 EBT1002: Hey Ellen. No apologies necessary :0)
The wind is crazy here too. A lot of homes in NE Ohio have lost power including mine but my new generator is doing its job! I'm warm, I've got electricity. Happy camper!!

maaliskuu 26, 7:36 am

Wordle 645 3/6


maaliskuu 26, 7:42 am

Happy Sunday, I was returning from a birthday party in Columbus yesterday when I read a text from my neighbor who asked if I was enjoying my generator. Oh oh . I asked him if we'd lost power cause I'm out of town. He says yes big storm and hi winds.
I pulled into my driveway , light on in the house, garage door opener worked, heat:s on.
Good timing!

maaliskuu 26, 9:30 pm

Good timing, indeed!

maaliskuu 27, 9:32 am

>219 drneutron: my section of the development regained power yesterday afternoon but there are some streets out for almost 48 hours. I do feel their pain.

maaliskuu 27, 9:36 am

Wordle 646 4/6

Huh, most unusual word.

Mah jongg Monday! I had 2 mahes (sp) last week. Part luck, part finally understanding. Totally challenging

While out, ups store. Grocery store, birthday pastry at Panera and library.

maaliskuu 27, 10:39 am

Morning, Lynda! Like Jim said, what good timing with your generator installation. I love when things work out like that.

I know nothing about mah jongg, but I am happy for you!

Enjoy the birthday pastry!

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 27, 5:29 pm

>222 Crazymamie: Helloooo Mamie! I know, timing was impeccable! My cross street is still without power Ugh! Many have generators but there are still some that do not. This has been going on in this development since we moved here over 20 years ago. The Illuminating company keeps putting band aids on the issues but IMO the whole development needs an overhaul.
Yay me! I got 1 mah jongg today. It is really a mental workout. I'm totally exhausted. Hehe
I chose a cranberry orange muffin :0)

Glad to see you posting today!!!

maaliskuu 28, 7:08 am

Wordle 647 5/6

Rough start :0(

maaliskuu 28, 7:29 am

Morning, Lynda. Yesterday was not bad. At least we had sunshine but we are still stuck in a cooler than normal trend. Maybe, we will have a nice rebound next week. How are those books treating you?

maaliskuu 28, 7:55 am

Good Morning, Mark! Still wet here, chilly too. I'm beginning to feel like a slug and my front yard is totally saturated. But! It's spring, won't be long now before it feels like it.
Books & I are getting along nicely, thank you :0)

maaliskuu 29, 6:54 am

Wordle 648 4/6

I don't believe I've ever used this word on my lifetime :/

maaliskuu 29, 7:03 am

Another gray day here with rain turning to flurries on the way. So, feeling ambitious I've got laundry going, yoga and bike (not at the same time) and lots of reading.

Met a former co-worker for pizza last night so the left overs will be tonights dinner.
Now if only I can stay clear of Hulu I can get a lot of reading done.

maaliskuu 29, 7:06 am

Morning, Lynda! I'm so tired of the cold weather at this point. Spring, please?

I admire someone who can leave leftover pizza alone until dinner...

maaliskuu 30, 1:06 pm

Dropping in to say hi! Pizza and a friend, nice!
Yesterday was 80F, today is supposed to be a high of 63, and boy is it windy.

maaliskuu 30, 3:45 pm

>229 scaifea: Amber, The sunshine is nice but a tease. I am so ready for warm weather!

Haha actually I had the pizza for lunch. Ack! Nothing to admire here:/

maaliskuu 30, 3:46 pm

>230 mstrust: What?! 80f. Sigh I hope the wind carries it to my area.

maaliskuu 31, 7:36 am

Wordle 650 3/6


maaliskuu 31, 8:16 am

It's time to choose Book of the Month
Hang the Moon Jeannette Walls
The Only Survivor's Megan Miranda
Romantic Comedy Curtis Sittenfeld
Camp Zero Michelle Min Sterling
Adelaide Genevieve Wheeler
Anna Maria and the Fox Luana de la Rosa
Advika and the Hollywood Wives Kirthana Ramisetti

Hmm I think I know which book I'll choose. Do you know?

maaliskuu 31, 12:23 pm

Sorry I can't be any help but I'm unfamiliar with all of those. I'm sure you'll pick a good one.
Have a good weekend!
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