Tips for cleaning up after CK vandalism

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Tips for cleaning up after CK vandalism

tammikuu 2, 2:33 am

Recently, some person(s) came in and changed and deleted a bunch of Common Knowledge (CK for short) about authors. What they don't know, apparently, is that LT still knows what you deleted; you just have to look for it. A little copy and paste work, and the CK is back to where it was before the vandalism.

Muokkaaja: tammikuu 2, 2:52 am

Here's how I do it, in a browser:

1. Go to the author page and page down to the Common Knowledge (CK).

2. On the CK heading bar, find history. Right-click and type T to open the CK history in a new tab.

3. Switch to the tab with the CK history info, which defaults to newest edits first.

A heading bar across the top shows column headings for the page. The rows show information for every CK field that was ever added to. (Where CK was removed, the row says deleted previous content.)

4. On the right-hand edge of the heading bar, click the All button.

The page now lists all the CK edits ever made for this author. Rows for the latest edits are white; rows for previous edits are pink.

5. In the heading bar, click Field to sort the page alphabetically by field.

Now you can see the edits for each field, in chronological order. It's much easier to see what the vandal erased/changed. Then I copy/paste between the two tabs (author page and CK history) to resore the previous CK information.

tammikuu 2, 2:52 am

If the vandalism involved deleting CK:

You can use the CK history page to verify that you reverted all the deletions. Click the Active button to see if any fields still show deleted previous content with the vandal's user name.

tammikuu 2, 2:58 am

For the Disambiguation and Short bio fields, sometimes the history page shows only the first few words of information. If you see an icon like a tiny page with lines on it, click that to display the full info for the field.

tammikuu 3, 11:51 am

LT Staff now have a way to auto-revert bad CK edits/vandalism, thanks to timspalding!

Please report any major CK vandalism—from users who clearly just joined to vandalize CK data, etc.—to LT staff so we can handle en masse and save everyone time and pain!