*FREE* edition of Folio 75 now available

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*FREE* edition of Folio 75 now available

joulukuu 26, 2022, 7:13 am

Am I the first to the party, or am I late? I was just able to download Folio 75: The Complete Bibliography of The Folio Society, 1947-2022 on the FS website—all 758 glorious pages!

joulukuu 26, 2022, 7:33 am

For those who do not wish to 'sign up' to receive access, here is the direct link:

joulukuu 26, 2022, 7:54 am

>2 mr.philistine: Really useful, thanks for the link.

joulukuu 26, 2022, 11:13 am

Downloaded. A wonderful resource - add my thanks for the link.

joulukuu 26, 2022, 12:39 pm

>1 FranklyMyDarling: just downloaded as well, can't thank you enough. Much appreciated.

joulukuu 26, 2022, 6:34 pm

Don't forget that a complete list of Folio Society books already exists at -

This list is kept up to date with all new editions, has pictures of every book and reviews of over 300 books.

tammikuu 11, 11:42 am

For folks who want a spreadsheet conversion of Folio 75, see the links in this post.

tammikuu 11, 12:03 pm

>7 Shadekeep:

Igot "File not downloaded - security risk"

You might want to take a look at that. I'm using Firefox on a Mac.

Muokkaaja: tammikuu 11, 12:42 pm

>8 folio_books: Probably because I don't have an SSL cert on the site anymore (I don't actively maintain it these days, but use it as a file dumping ground). I can put it up on a fileshare site you need, though it should be safe to download. Some browsers are just more picky about the lack of a cert or the filetype. The CSV is the safest format, since it's plain text. Excel could theoretically contain a virus, though I know my copy doesn't.

See this article for why you might get this message: https://superuser.com/questions/1682451/disable-firefox-blocking-of-http-downloa...

tammikuu 11, 2:27 pm

>9 Shadekeep:

Thanks for your response and for the link.

toukokuu 7, 9:10 pm

Hello, I understand that this message is late, but I didn't think I should start a whole new thread. Does anyone know what "not seen" means in the bibliography? I've seen it several times.

For example, for Animal Farm, it lists the first printing, and then has this list of other printings. The second, eighth, ninth, tenth, and sixteenth all say "not seen."

¶ Second impression: 1985 (not seen). ¶ Third impression: 1988, printed and bound by the Bath Press. ¶ Fourth impression: 1989. ¶ Fifth printing: 1991. ¶ Sixth printing: 1992. ¶ Seventh printing: 1994. ¶ Eighth printing: (not seen). ¶ Ninth printing: (not seen). ¶ Tenth printing: (not seen). ¶ Eleventh printing: 1996. ¶ Twelfth printing: 1997. ¶ Thirteenth printing: 1998, with a brown slip case. Spine-lettering redesigned. ¶ Fourteenth printing: 2000. ¶ Fifteenth printing: 2002, with an orange slip case. ¶ Sixteenth printing: 2002 (not seen). ¶ Seventeenth printing: 2012, the dimensions now 227 × 161 × 16 mm and Akzidenz Grotesque

toukokuu 7, 10:13 pm

>11 gistak:
It means the bibliographer employed by the FS has not seen a copy and that the FS do not have a copy in their archives

toukokuu 7, 10:20 pm

>12 wcarter: Got it, thanks!

toukokuu 8, 12:16 am

Thank you for the reminder to download it to my laptop...

heinäkuu 14, 12:20 am

Per a recent Folio Society blog entry, an interview with the FS librarian (https://www.foliosociety.com/usa/blog/this-folio-life-the-folio-library/), they intend to update the bibliography annually.

“In fact, I have started adding the books published this year to the list and we aim to release an updated bibliography annually from this point forward.”