I need a fanfiction site please!

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I need a fanfiction site please!

joulukuu 23, 2022, 8:41 pm

okay so i understand this is a little off topic from "manga and anime" specifically. im sorry. Theres an unblocked fanfiction site i'm looking for and I can't find it anywhere. please help!
So my school uses goguardian, lightspeed, Cisco umbrella, AND the iselray-config thing. Lots and lots of blockers. And my internet usage is restricted at home severely. I just want to read some fanfic without a thousand questions being thrown at me. My school uses just about every blocker under the sun and has blocked all popular fanfiction websites, leading me to be able to use only fanfiction.ws, which is incredibly broken. I need a website, any will do, but I am looking for one in particular. Its URL contained the words "buffaloproject.sd" and it was an ao3 clone. Please help me find it again! Thank you!

tammikuu 14, 9:22 pm

idk what buffaloproject is but i use lineofreasoning.info to unblock sites
it also has games

huhtikuu 22, 2:42 am

dunno if youre still looking but heres some ao3 mirror sites that i think are similar to the one you were talking about:


good luck !!

huhtikuu 23, 6:58 pm

>1 zephyrthefox: damn, 3 blockers u have it tough x-x

huhtikuu 23, 11:11 pm

>1 zephyrthefox: hey, idk if it'll work for you but manhwaz.com works for me so goodluck

syyskuu 11, 10:54 am

>3 contrail899: How'd you find the cloudfare mirror sites?

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