The Good Old Babylon Bee

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The Good Old Babylon Bee

marraskuu 30, 2022, 1:50 pm

In these grim times, the folks at the Babylon Bee, who specialize in satirizing the Left, bring much needed humor to our lives.

Here is a wonderful send-up of a 'woke' college course: Enjoy!

Reading and Writing Gender and Sexuality ENGL 214 CREDITS: 0.5

How do you read gender? How do you read sexuality? How and in what ways have gender and sexuality been written and rewritten? This course serves as an introduction to queer and transfeminist theories and practices in gender and sexuality studies. Conceptualized through its intersections with race, ethnicity, coloniality, class, and ability, the sex/gender system of oppression has long served as a taxonomizing apparatus. And yet, the literary, in league with anticolonial, civil rights, and LGBTQ social movements, not only sheds sharp light on how gender and sexuality are regulated and troubled, but also animates the liberatory potential of imagining embodied relations otherwise. *** At once world-building and world-shattering, representations of gender and sexuality can leverage critiques against normativity in the same gesture as they bow to reproducing it. Taking our transnational cue from subjugated knowledges and intersectional epistemologies, we’ll constellate the diverging genealogies and methodologies that have shaped the politics and aesthetics as well as the ethics and affects of gender and sexuality. Against the traffic of binary opposition, we’ll index the possibilities of intimacy and performativity that determine desiring subjects and their objects. As a class collective, our aim will be to read and reread as well as write and rewrite texts that interrogate and complicate how gender and sexuality, as contested sites of pleasure and pain, are embodied and experienced. The geographic and generic focus of this course may vary; for more information, students should contact the instructor. This counts toward the methods requirement for the major and an elective for the women’s and gender studies major. Open only to first-year and sophomore students. Prerequisite: ENGL 103 or 104.
Bless the Bee!

joulukuu 3, 2022, 6:07 pm

The Bee is indeed of extreme quality, nothing quite compares at least to my knowledge. onion has been irrelevant for two decades now, they basically could not adapt to the Internet ecosystem.

joulukuu 5, 2022, 2:36 pm

These goofballs are fun to make fun of. OK.

But are any of them engaged in a concentrated effort to overthrow our democraticesque system - our Constitution? If they are then how effective are they? How many people take them seriously?

They are a distraction from the important struggle between the manically insane (republicans and magafucks) and the rest of us.

If the rest of us do not eventually prevail then this country is royally fucked, forever and a fucking day.

Is this what you desire? If not, then become part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Sure, you might laugh all the way to hell, but when you get there you fucking won't.