Interview with a Vampire DLE (Signed by the illustrator)

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Interview with a Vampire DLE (Signed by the illustrator)

elokuu 16, 2022, 8:08 am

To me, this is a shame on two fronts, for what would otherwise have been an automatic purchase for me:

1) I don't care for the art... at all.

2) That they waited until after Anne Rice had passed to publish this, so there's no chance for a signature.


Muokkaaja: elokuu 16, 2022, 9:42 am

The art is different, that’s for sure. I haven’t decided yet whether I like it or not.

This is a series featuring the illustrations and the artists’ signatures. Only one or two of them have also contained the author’s signature. Perhaps Rice wouldn’t grant the rights or perhaps she was too expensive. Anyway, I don’t personally care about signatures, whether artists or authors.

I do notice one difference, though. This is the first book in the 34-volume series to cost more than $399.

elokuu 16, 2022, 11:05 am

I think it's a bit misleading when the spine says "signed edition". Yes, it might be signed by the illustrator but the first thought would be that the author signed it. Anne Rice did sign "Interview With the Vampire" a few years back which included a collection of vampire books.

Muokkaaja: elokuu 16, 2022, 6:33 pm

I hate how the worda on the spine are vertical and not horizontal. Not an attractive look at all.

And if it were signed by Anne Rice, I could understand the high price. But just signed by the artist, and the “art” isn’t very good at all? Yuck. This is a very disappointing release by Easton.

Hard pass on this one.

elokuu 16, 2022, 7:04 pm

>4 robbieac:
I prefer to see titles printed horizontally too, but in this case the word “Interview” would have had to be squeezed too much.

Muokkaaja: elokuu 17, 2022, 10:28 am

>2 jroger1:
Day 3: I’m coming around to an appreciation of the illustrations. They have an eerie quality about them that blends well with the subject of the story.

It reminds me of one of my favorite books in the series, “Hound of the Baskervilles.” I remember some discussion here about the unusual gray-toned paper that was used instead of the usual white or light beige. But I thought it was a touch of genius because it simulated the foggy atmosphere on the moor, thereby reinforcing the mood Doyle was trying to establish. I see a similar effect from the illustrations in “Interview With a Vampire.”

The best books are more than the printed word. Everything about them should work together to create a total effect.

elokuu 26, 2022, 9:57 am

Has anyone that ordered this received their copy yet? The shipping date for mine seems to keep getting pushed back.

elokuu 26, 2022, 6:22 pm

>7 HowardEriksonWolfe: There was someone on Facebook who took a couple of pics of their received copy. Maybe they had a greater than anticipated response.

elokuu 26, 2022, 7:18 pm

>8 whytewolf1:
I’m often wrong about such things, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one go faster than most DLEs. No other publisher that I know of has offered it a nice edition, and there is a lot of interest in fantasy now. I ordered mine just today, so I don’t expect a fast turnaround.

syyskuu 21, 2022, 7:18 pm

My copy arrived last week and I’m still ambivalent about the illustrations. I hate ambivalence. They are certainly not beautiful, but vampire art shouldn’t be beautiful. It should be creepy, and I would judge these illustrations at about 7 on a 10-point creepiness index. Maybe an 8 or a 6. Anyway, a worthy effort.

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