The New Normal

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The New Normal

heinäkuu 16, 2022, 2:41 pm

Coronavirus spread is increasing again across the United States. I don't know about elsewhere, because local political sh*t is too thick for me to pay that much attention worldwide. Probably everywhere soon. But also, hospital workers I know are freaking out about monkeypox. While it may not be as dangerous, it's yet another growing problem for public healthcare no one needs. Plus, I know some of us are still in tick season, which means dealing with heightened risks of Lyme disease.

So everyone, please remember to wash your hands regularly to kill nasty viruses, stay up to date with vaccinations if you can, and wear masks when around other people who might be infected. Give sick plenty of space and stay home (or somewhere safe) when you might be contagious. Take precautions against tick and mosquito bites to be extra kind to your immune system.

Safety routines are easier than figuring out how to cope with a new long-term medical disability, and they're less likely to interfere with funner activities like reading manga and watching anime. That matters, neh?

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• video: "Anime Coronavirus Handwashing Guide!" (yuri style) by Merryweather Media
• tweet: City of Somerville, MA, USA, #SuperSaiyan PSA
• image: "Manga and anime characters in masks" compilation I spent too much time putting together (but it was something like stress relief, okay?!)

heinäkuu 16, 2022, 2:48 pm

Oh. I meant to change the topic title before posting. Hm....

heinäkuu 16, 2022, 8:35 pm

oh yeah monkeypox is just another version of measles 😊 (i dont remember exactly what it was but it was on tiktok/yt shorts sooo)

heinäkuu 16, 2022, 11:10 pm

>3 kxtty_fangzz: Monkeypox is related to the smallpox virus (variola).

Measles is a scarier virus. Fortunately, the standard vaccinations work very well to prevent it, except where anti-vaxxers group up.

The concerns with monkeypox are with said to be that not enough places are testing or can test for it, there's a bunch of misinformation about symptoms (with some medical offices only looking for the rash instead of the internal disorders), and it's known for how contagious it is between species. That last part means outbreaks can spread to other animals and back to us in places where those animals interact with humans if the spread isn't stopped.

I don't think any disease experts want monkeypox going to squirrel populations like the novel coronavirus (what's causing the covid-19 pandemic) and Lyme are going through deer, because that means it can come back to humans the way it's known to do with monkeys.

There's also the problem with how these aggressive viruses cause long-term illness that can show up years after infection. The processes of how that happens still isn't well understood.

The amazing thing with all viruses, though, is we have powers against them. They don't survive the combination of clean water and less than a minute of friction. They have to get inside us to hurt us, so good masks worn correctly are very effective, too. And we can help our immune systems when they have to fight.

Okay, that was... a lot that has nothing to do with the theme of this group. Here's a video for the members who can watch it....

Doctor Reacts to VIRUS Episode of CELLS AT WORK | Doctor Mike

heinäkuu 16, 2022, 11:19 pm

Content notes for the Cells at Work! video: discussion of and visual representation of disease, death, violence, and zombies (infected cells)

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 17, 2022, 12:21 am

>4 aspirit: bro yes smallpox, im pretty sure that tiktok was saying that big pharma made up monkeypox just for the money n shit when monkeypox is just smallpox 💀

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