Proxy vs. Pirate Sites

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Proxy vs. Pirate Sites

toukokuu 18, 2022, 6:06 pm

Does everyone know the difference?

As an admin of this group, I'll be hiding messages that contain direct links to any known pirating sites. The messages can be viewed with a click, so it's really meant to act as a warning flag. I want to make sure y'all understand why.

Pirating sites are illegal, by definition sharing stolen work, and many have weak protections for visitors. It's not uncommon to pick up activity trackers and other malware, including some that can cause your computer or other devices on your network to crash. Visitors can also be held legally accountable for stuff that downloads unseen on those sites, like child porn that you don't know about until someone else finds it on your device.

That's not even getting into the debate about how harmful pirating is for the manga and anime industries. (It is and isn't, depending on what's shared, when, and how.)

Now, proxy sites can be entirely legitimate, illegal pirating sites, or something in between. The purpose of a proxy is to have another site to access stuff that not everyone can access well from the original source(s). You might need to get around a parental block, slip through an overly strict school filter, or simply connect with a better server for your device/area.

Proxy sites may be meant to last or very temporary. They might be upfront about where the content comes from, secretive, or dishonest. I'm won't bother trying to figure out which are what most of the time. The group member recommending a site might not even know.

Just remember: Be careful what you click on, every time. Know where you should be going and keep your device and network security up to date the best you can.

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