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How to Do Stuff on LibraryThing

toukokuu 11, 2022, 12:47 am

The Manga and Anime Edition

If you're a member of this group, that means you signed up for a LibraryThing account.

What is LibraryThing?

This is primarily a social book-cataloging website. It is used by readers, reviewers, authors, libraries, and publishers. The Terms of Service (TOS) state that accounts that have no books cataloged may be closed at any time by the LT team, which is the small group of people in northeastern USA who are paid to maintain the site and related products.

The LT team usually doesn't bother with the thousand of accounts with empty profile pages, only closing accounts for spamming or trying to break things. (LT has a nice TOS. Let's keep it nice.)

Still, even though your account is safe nothing but Talk data in it, I figure all group members should know how to add books and book metadata.

How to Add Books

What's added is book data, such as the title, author byline, and publication date of a book. The process is about to change, but for now, the way to do it on the website is to use the "Add books" section. You can either go down the search page to the manual entry link or try to match the book data that you want in your catalog to existing book data at any of the sources.

For example, if I search for "blue exorcist vol 1", the results should show the algorithm found as near matches. I can add a book from the results list by clicking on the title.

Tags and collections (which are similar to "shelves" on Goodreads) can be added at any time. Change your mind as much as you want. Just try to keep books in at least one collection so it doesn't hide from you in your catalog.

If you want to add an entire series that's made up of multiple books not typically sold in one package, then use the manual entry.

Every time you add a work by manual entry, please check that your "book" (whatever it is you actually added) is not combined with a different work. One way to start that is to go to the Editions page of the work.


Tip! Titles are important, because the algorithm that combines works tries to match titles together. You can make a title stand out from others with a note. Square brackets are used to create the links to work that are called "touchstones", so it's usually best to avoid those. Parentheses can also cause problems. The wiggly brackets whose name I don't know seem to function well for tags in titles; example: "Fullmetal Alchemist {full manga series}"

Extra Tip! Making a note in a title to differentiate manga from a light novel from an anime is very helpful, especially if you don't use tags on the works you add. Another LT member might have to pull apart different works that all have the same title.

Muokkaaja: toukokuu 11, 2022, 4:33 pm

How to Search LibraryThing

When site members catalog their works (owned, read/watched, desired) with tags, collections, public reviews, and other shared data, the information is added to the ginormous site database.

You can find data by searching the site, using the search field at the top of almost every page.

The default results are for works. To see authors, series, tags, lists, or any other types of search available, go to the links on the left menu. The results for that type will show up instead. Example: "bleach" under Series

To search for multiple tags at once, enter the tags in the search field and separate them with a comma. This is called a tagmash. The results will be for works that have all the tags entered. Example: manga, shoujo

To search someone's catalog, go to that member's profile and find the search field on the right menu. Note that this is only an option for public profiles.

To search your own catalog, one way is to go to "Your books" from the top menu on most pages. Use the catalog search field that's immediately below the site search field.

toukokuu 17, 2022, 4:09 pm

Create a Touchstone

A touchstone on LibraryThing is a link to a work page, an author page, or a series page with the use of square brackets.

Example: Rurouni Kenshin series by Nobuhiro Watsuki

The only step to create a touchstone to enter square brackets around a phrase, such as a work title. LT automatically searches and connects the top search result. If you want the system to link to a different work, author, or series with the same or similar name, then select from "others" linked in the touchstone sidebar that appears when the search is initiated.

To tell the system to search work titles, use one set of square brackets. For an author, use double brackets. For a series, three sets of square brackets.

When posted, each work touchstone also creates a "mentions" link from the work page to the message its in. The mention is deleted if you later remove the touchstone from the post.

Tips: Not everything is on the site! What's here is what's been added by members. You might need to add a work or author to a collection in your account then wait about a day to see the entry in the site's search results. Series are also created by members, so look around for how to start one if interested.

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