How long does it usually take for a Easton Press Book to arrive?

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How long does it usually take for a Easton Press Book to arrive?

toukokuu 3, 2022, 12:39 pm

I just purchased my first Easton Press book directly from the website. How long do they usually take to arrive? It says they will ship in 6-12 business days. If I tack on 5 more for arrival I'd guess it will be here by the 1st but I haven't ordered one of these books before.

What are everyone else's experiences?

toukokuu 3, 2022, 12:56 pm

That’s about right. Shipping has become more erratic lately, but 5 days is usually enough. My recent purchases have come by FedEx, and a signature will be required if it is an expensive shipment. I’ve never figured out what they consider expensive enough, though.

toukokuu 3, 2022, 2:39 pm

>1 MrLuck: International orders take longer of course. In the middle of the pandemic last it took 3 months for a book to arrive on my doorstep. More recently this year, however, it only took a few weeks (3 maybe?) to get here in Canada.

toukokuu 8, 2022, 2:49 pm

>3 Neil_Luvs_Books: I've ordered some 16 books or so in the past 8 months from Easton, and none of them ever arrived in Canada. I had to get refunds for all of them, and purchase 5 of them for the same price on Ebay as all of them had sold out during the time I was waiting.

toukokuu 9, 2022, 1:30 am

>4 Ralf_K: That absolutely sucks. The website says my book will ship tommorow on Tuesday. For reference I made this thread immediately after purchasing it. I live in the USA.

toukokuu 10, 2022, 10:20 am

It just shipped a hour ago. It says it will be here on Thursday evening. I'll keep everyone updated so this anecdote can serve as a answer to anyone else wondering the same question

toukokuu 12, 2022, 3:32 pm

Final update : It arrived yesterday (early) but I wasn't there to receive it (you have to be) so they left me a note. Today I received it.

Initial impression : there were some holes in the shrinkwrap but they were patterned and it may have been designed like that. Otherwise the gilding wasn't absolutely perfect but was still quite nice. I'm happy with the volume I got.

heinäkuu 24, 2022, 8:26 am

I’m also looking to make my first EP purchase, but from Canada. Their website allows you to choose Canada as destination but every book I add to my cart I am told that they can’t ship it to that country.

Have they stopped shipping to Canada entirely?

heinäkuu 27, 2022, 9:17 am

>8 j3tang: this happens to me too ordering from Canada. My work around is it email customer service and request help for a particular book or series. Usually “Joe” in customer service can place the order for me. But once in awhile they have a title that for copyright reasons cannot be shipped to Canada. I think it has to do with the free trade agreement and whether the book is considers to be “made” in North America or if it is considered to be “made” elsewhere. Two recent examples for me that will not ship to Canada are The Silmarillion and The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I have friends in the US who purchased these for me and then they shipped the book from their house to me in Canada. So there are work arounds. 😉

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 27, 2022, 12:13 pm

>9 Neil_Luvs_Books:

Thanks, appreciate the input; I contacted customer service and they pretty much said the same thing -- certain titles cannot be shipped and they asked which ones I have tried. I gave them a list of 6 or 8 books that I've added to my cart that give me the error message:

"Your shopping cart cannot be ordered since one or more of the products in your cart are not available in the selected shipping country."

Their response to me was: "All but 3213 can be shipped to Canada. You can place the order on our website. Thanks."

3213 was Left Hand of Darkness, but I added it to the cart just for testing purposes, not because I was interested in purchasing it. Anyhow, I feel like either I'm not explaining myself very well even after 4 or 5 emails, or they just have no interest in helping. The others that the Customer Support person indicated that can be ordered were the Deluxe editions of Frankenstein and Jules Verne titles. But like I said, the cart just says not available for my country.

I gotta say, it's not a great first experience. I have never owned an Easton Press and based on this experience it doesn't seem like I ever will :)

edit: you also brought up the FTA; I'm expecting to have to pay 5% taxes, but are we expected to pay duties/customs in addition?

heinäkuu 27, 2022, 3:53 pm

>10 j3tang: I have never had to pay duties/customs when receiving an item directly from Easton Press. Also, when ordering a used book on the resale market as long as it is shipped USPS, I never have to pay customs or duties. FedEx, UPS, Purolator, and other couriers will sometimes insist that a book requires extra payment and it is easier for me to pay it rather than drive the 45 minutes to the airport to argue with Canada Border Services. USPS and Canada Post seem to be better-coordinated w.r.t. the FTA.

I don't know why you are having the issue with Easton Press customer service. When I explain myself, "Joe" always takes care of it for me unless it is one of those books they are not permitted to ship to Canada. The last one "Joe" could do that for me was for Ender in Exile just last month. In my email to EP customer service I did include a screenshot of my shopping cart with the red banner error message at the top. Maybe that makes the difference?

I hope it gets sorted out for you.

heinäkuu 27, 2022, 4:20 pm

That's good to know about the Easton Press and also USPS, thanks!

Yup, i did the same with the screenshot. I said to the person "maybe i didn't explain myself very well, but a picture's worth a thousand words" and that's where I attached the screenshot. I got no response after that ... maybe it was my snarky response :D

I mean, look at what it is we are discussing, it's books (literally, words on a page). I'm no author, but I feel like after I've written them 5 emails and they still don't get it, that's when I tap out.

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