Folio Archives 253: Trafalgar by Tom Pocock 2005

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Folio Archives 253: Trafalgar by Tom Pocock 2005

tammikuu 13, 2022, 9:59 pm

Trafalgar, An Eyewitness History by Tom Pocock 2005

There have been many books about the Battle of Trafalgar, but none are quite like this one.

Tom Pocock has assembled extracts from letters and diaries of those who were actually at the battle, involved in the incidents leading up to it and the subsequent events. Annotated into a compelling living history, these accounts are not only those of the English, but very importantly, also include the eyewitness stories of the French and Spanish who were involved.

Also importantly, the descriptions of the common sailors and marines are placed side by side with those of the officers and gentry to give an extraordinarily comprehensive, and very readable, first-hand account of the complex battle that set England as the world’s foremost sea power for the next century.

It is a beautifully presented 238 page book that is introduced by the author and is enhanced with 26 bound-in colour plates of contemporary paintings, drawings, and prints plus maps and plans by Reginald Piggott. The map endpapers of western Europe and the Atlantic are printed dark green on pale green.

The book is bound in white cloth blocked with a wrap-around colour painting of a warship. The dark green slipcase is 26x15.5cm. There is a bibliography and index.

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Muokkaaja: tammikuu 21, 2022, 9:25 am

I found this a terrific read! You are right there in the line of battle. A rather Napoleonic wartime sentiment stated which I wondered at is the disappointment of naval men who missed the battle away on a mail run to Great Britain. This was bloody warfare and continuous living was far from certain, all the way to the top with the sniping death of Nelson. It’s also painfully affordable on the aftermarket and worth the price of admission alone for the screen printed cloth binding which wcarter has so beautifully reproduced.

maaliskuu 22, 10:54 am

>1 wcarter: There have been many books about the Battle of Trafalgar, but none are quite like this one.

Enabled by this declaration alone. Thanks for another review and great photography!