Found: YA fantasy, man who teaches fairies

Original topic subject: YA fantasy, man who teaches fairies

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Found: YA fantasy, man who teaches fairies

elokuu 17, 2:30am

Firstly I’ve never read this book, which might make it more difficult to find, but I do want to read it so any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I first saw a fanart for the book that had a woman with an afro I think that had leaves/flowers in it? And I think she had fairy wings too. There was also a gay couple (two guys), one blond and one brunette, and I want to say a child.

I remember someone told me the name of the book (but I forgot to write it down apparently) and I think it had “house” or something similar in the name? I had looked up the book and a basic synopsis seems to be there’s I think a businessman who leaves his job and goes to teach at this house or school for magical people/creatures? I’m pretty sure it centers around the man learning to take breaks/be more kind but I could be wrong. I also vaguely remember the cover, and I think it had a house or maybe lighthouse on the cover by a coast or ocean.

Anyways that’s all I really remember about this book, but I can’t seem to find it ANYWHERE so thank you to anyone who took time to read this and can maybe help!!!

elokuu 17, 7:51am

I had exactly the same thought.

elokuu 17, 10:22am

>2 Caramellunacy: Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s it! Tysm!!!