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Looking for reviewers

heinäkuu 18, 8:54am

Useat käyttäjät ovat merkinneet tämän viestin asiattomaksi eikä sitä enää näytetä. (näytä)
Hi, I'm looking for people who will read/review my book. Here's my press release:

The Lost Wisdom of the Magi, the debut novel by North London writer Susie Helme, published by The Conrad Press, is now available on Amazon, The Conrad Press website, and bookstores including All Good Bookshop.
Set against a background of the Jewish Revolt against Rome of 66-70CE, this historical fiction novel tells the story of Sophia, a Babylonian Jew who learns ancient languages at the royal archives of the Parthians and secretly studies the magic on cuneiform tablets. She runs away from home, joining a Nabataean incense caravan, studies with the Essenes on the Dead Sea and joins with the militants of Qumran. As the Zealots battle to defend Jerusalem against Titus, she falls in love with a Greek freedman, Athanasios, a comrade in arms. Jews and Christians briefly unite with Samaritans and the People of the Land. But revolutionary Jerusalem is not the paradise of which they had dreamed, and messiahs may prove false.
After the devastating defeat, Sophia flees to Alexandria, where she founds an academy for women scholars. These are her memoirs, addressed to her ‘disciples’, to whom she recounts her experiences, expounds her ‘wisdom’ and details her magical recipes.
The novel reflects meticulous research on early Christianity, ‘Second Temple’ Jewish history and the history of magic, also weaving in fanciful material from Christian and Jewish lore.
Susie Helme is an American ex-pat living in London, after sojourns in Tokyo, Paris and Geneva, with a passion for ancient history and politics, and magic, mythology and religion. After a career in mobile communications journalism, she has retired to write historical novels and grow organic vegetables. She subedits Dignity magazine and proofreads and edits other author’s novels freelance. She is a member of Bounds Green Book Writers writers’ collective based in North London.

You can see me interviewed about my book on : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSsZKkDgMfk

The Lost Wisdom of the Magi is available from: Amazon, The Conrad Press, All Good Bookshop, various booksellers

Helme, Susie. (2020) The Lost Wisdom of the Magi. United Kingdom: The Conrad Press. ISBN 9781913567378.

heinäkuu 18, 8:55am

Useat käyttäjät ovat merkinneet tämän viestin asiattomaksi eikä sitä enää näytetä. (näytä)
If you would, pls email me on susiehelme@blueyonder.co.uk