2021 LGBTQ Pride Month Treasure Hunt

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2021 LGBTQ Pride Month Treasure Hunt

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 1:51pm

It's Pride Month, and that means the return of our annual Pride Hunt!

The object of the game is to solve our clues (in verse!) and go to the LibraryThing page each clue is talking about.

Go HERE for the hunt.

You have about a week—until Thursday June 24th at 4:00 pm Eastern Time—to find all the rainbows hidden around the site and get them into your nest.

Use this thread to brag, ask for and give hints, etc.

As in past hunts, we'll be awarding profile badges to anyone who finds at least one rainbow, and anyone who finds all 12 will be entered into a drawing for a LibraryThing coaster set and sticker.

Helpful tips

Please, use the spoiler tag when posting hints or suggestions. Here's how:

To use the spoiler tag, type the following before whatever you'd like to hide:


And this, at the end of what's hidden:


If the hunt isn't working for you

You might be using the old version of the LibraryThing site. Is the nav bar at the top of the page salmon/peach colored? That's the old site. Go here to change your design. You can switch back afterwards.

kesäkuu 16, 3:20pm

Got one (3) on a first read through, so my rainbow will show up sometime.

kesäkuu 16, 3:28pm

help! I need help on #3! :S

kesäkuu 16, 3:46pm

>3 capenguin: Gosh - that I found right off. Think about a ballad, a picture and their importance...

kesäkuu 16, 3:50pm

>3 capenguin: #3: The author of The Importance of Being Earnest.

kesäkuu 16, 3:51pm

>3 capenguin: This is THE 19th century Irish gay writer living in England.

kesäkuu 16, 4:00pm

Thank you for the hunt.

Got them all except the correct page for 8. :-)

kesäkuu 16, 4:02pm

>7 spiralsheep: Same here. I can never find that page!

Also stuck on 6.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 4:07pm

8 is stumping me.

6 is hard. Think pioneers of gay rights.

>10 Nice hint!

kesäkuu 16, 4:06pm

>8 Maddz: Is this clue too obscure for 6:

Like a dairy diary but different. ;-)

kesäkuu 16, 4:15pm

>8 Maddz: #6 Sean Penn won an Oscar for playing him.

kesäkuu 16, 4:19pm

>9 susanbooks:, >10 spiralsheep:, >11 amanda4242: That worked, thanks. I'd vaguely heard of him; remember I live the other side of the pond so much Americana goes over my head.

Just #8 left.

kesäkuu 16, 4:23pm

Stuck on 8 and 11.

kesäkuu 16, 4:26pm

>13 amanda4242: For 11, I googled the last 2 lines and found a name...

kesäkuu 16, 4:28pm

I'm stuck on 4 and 8!

kesäkuu 16, 4:30pm

>1 AbigailAdams26:

Is there a link somewhere to the clues? There's no banner.

kesäkuu 16, 4:32pm

kesäkuu 16, 4:34pm

>15 Verkruissen: #4: An award named for the Stonewall Riots.

>14 Maddz: Thanks!

kesäkuu 16, 4:50pm

>18 amanda4242: Thank you!

kesäkuu 16, 4:53pm

>16 lilithcat: The link in my post is a little difficult to see. Here it is:

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 5:08pm

I was thinking #8 was the tag cloud https://www.librarything.com/tagcloud.php , but no. Has anyone found it?

BTW: if you go to a tag mash page like this
and just press Mash a funny thing happens.

kesäkuu 16, 5:16pm

>17 PawsforThought:

No, there is no link in that post.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 5:17pm

>20 AbigailAdams26:

Difficult? It's non-existent!

And why is there no banner?

kesäkuu 16, 5:18pm

>23 lilithcat: the word here in >1 AbigailAdams26: is a link.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 5:24pm

>23 lilithcat: It's linked from the word "here" in the sentence "Go here for the hunt."

kesäkuu 16, 5:22pm

>21 bnielsen: Same here, still looking for #8

kesäkuu 16, 5:24pm

>24 bnielsen:, >25 clrichm:

The link in the word "here", leads me to this page: https://www.librarything.com/design_choice.php

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 5:59pm

>27 lilithcat: Weird. It works for me.

ETA: Ah ha! You're selecting the wrong "here." The link to the hunt is the "here" in the third paragraph, not the last one.

kesäkuu 16, 5:31pm

Is it the tags that's confusing us in 8? Is that a red (or rainbow) herring?

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 5:33pm

>27 lilithcat: It's in the third sentence. (It's true that there's two linked versions of here in >1 AbigailAdams26: )

kesäkuu 16, 5:43pm

>29 susanbooks: For 8 I tried several different common knowledge pages in addition to several different tag pages.

kesäkuu 16, 5:49pm

>31 spiralsheep: Me too. With no luck. I also wondered if "under one name" was a hint to Zeitgeist.

kesäkuu 16, 5:53pm

Has anybody found number 8?

kesäkuu 16, 6:03pm

>33 paulmdh: My guess is no.

kesäkuu 16, 6:06pm

Can anyone help me with #8 and #12?
Maybe no one has solved #8? I wonder if there is a glitch for that one.

kesäkuu 16, 6:07pm

#8 is my last one to find and I am stumped...

kesäkuu 16, 6:10pm

Got #12. I also just need #8.

kesäkuu 16, 6:10pm

I've got all but #8 as well.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 6:12pm

>38 NorthernStar: Same here. All but #8.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 6:14pm

I haven't received a badge for a hunt since the Lucky Lobster for participating in the 2020 Maine Treasure Hunt. I have participated in all of them since (might have missed one, but doubt it.)

Has *anyone* gotten badges since then?

If not, why are they still offered?

For me, half the fun is getting all the answers with the least amount of help. The other half is collecting badges. I'm honestly thinking about not participating in this one* because every time I play and the list of badges I haven't received gets longer, the less fun it gets.





tl;dr Will freaking block you if you complain about my minor griping.

I've been around forever. I love LT. I've promoted it to everyone who will listen for over a decade. I rarely complain. I recently got out of the hospital after a three week visit and have a wound VAC I have to deal with for months and it hurts. I have NO patience for anyone who gripes about me griping. (ETA: Unless it's funny.) I think the whole social media idea that no one is allowed to complain about anything EVER is ridiculous.




* Who am I kidding. OF COURSE, I'm going to play. I won't be able to help myself. Duh.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 6:16pm

>40 Morphidae: Nope, no badges since the lobster. I think there were even a couple of hunts where the winners weren't announced, although they may have been privately contacted.

ETA: Isn't complaining about LT the official LT sport? We complain because we care.

kesäkuu 16, 6:15pm

Also stuck on #8.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 6:17pm

>41 amanda4242: Thanks. At least we're all in this together... or something like that, eh?

kesäkuu 16, 6:28pm

Yay! I found seven rainbow without having to look at clues or search online. A few of the remaining riddles are nagging at me as if I should know the answer, but I might need help to solve those, along with the couple riddles I'm fairly certain I need to learn more about. Reading the thread now....

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 7:08pm

Also stuck on 8. Thought it might be the old tag page, and impressed I found where that was, but it wasn't. Have tried
the tag pages and tag combination voting for queer, rainbow, lgbt, lgbtq, lgbtqia+, pride, quiltbag, my tag page, my tag cloud, my tag mirror, the everyone tag page

I have all the other clues.

kesäkuu 16, 7:11pm

>45 Aquila: I've tried all those, too, plus gay, gay pride, lesbian, homosexual*, genderqueer, and probably some others that I've forgotten.

Has ANYONE got #8?

kesäkuu 16, 7:17pm

Also as far as clue 6 goes, "dead gay guy" was very non-specific.

kesäkuu 16, 8:33pm

Rainbow 8 is my last, too. Huh.

kesäkuu 16, 8:37pm

>47 Aquila: I was grateful my first guess was correct for the hunt. Going through prematurely dead gay pioneer after prematurely dead gay pioneer after... yeah. That would be a sad way to play.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 9:52pm

Tried adding LGBTQ as a tag on one of my books in case that triggered something when I clicked between my tag page and the site page for it, but nope.

It's not the tag treasure hunt, or the tag librarything, or the tag tag, or the tags on the Talk About LibraryThing group, or the tag translation pages or the tag combination and voting pages

kesäkuu 16, 10:06pm

I've gotten everything but #4, #8, and #10.

Pretty sure #4 references Stonewall Awards but I don't know how to look that up.

Also, certain #10 references The Lambda Awards Lammy's but again, don't know what to look up!

#8 seems to be a stump for most of us and I've tried so many combinations!

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 16, 10:08pm

>51 The_Literary_Jedi: Awards are in Common Knowledge, so if you do a search top right, click Common Knowledge on the left you should get an awards subsection.

Alternatively look up a book that you know got the award and you should be able to get to it from the book's Common Knowledge.

kesäkuu 16, 10:10pm

>51 The_Literary_Jedi: You're right for both 4 & 10. To find them do a search for the award name, then click on Common Knowledge in the menu on the left of the results page.

kesäkuu 16, 10:25pm

>52 Aquila: Thank you for the assist!

kesäkuu 16, 10:25pm

>53 amanda4242: Thank you for the assist!

kesäkuu 16, 10:40pm

I am also having problems #8

kesäkuu 16, 11:10pm

Results for the Common Knowledge search on "Lgbt" appear to be broken. I suspect that has something to do with why no one is finding #8.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 12:07am

I have tried a lot of different letter orders for GLBT and LGBTQ and there are tags for more variations than you'd think, but no luck yet. Maybe I should have been more systematic.

kesäkuu 17, 12:23am

>57 aspirit: Maybe that is the problem - tried everything for number 8!

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 1:25am

>45 Aquila:

This is the old tag page I referred to:

ETA: so old the MEMBERNAME thing doesn't work on it, you'll need to manually add your username. But it's not the solution to 8.

kesäkuu 17, 1:47am

#8 is eluding me as well.

kesäkuu 17, 2:24am

I need some help for #5 and #9.

I haven't found #8 either.

kesäkuu 17, 2:36am

>62 FAMeulstee: For 5, cerulean sea are the key words you want to search .
For 9, it is a children's picture book .

kesäkuu 17, 2:40am

>63 JayneCM: Thank you, found them both :-)

kesäkuu 17, 3:04am

Why no banner? I just discovered this new treasure hunt and might have missed it completely.

kesäkuu 17, 3:17am

>64 FAMeulstee: Great! :)

kesäkuu 17, 3:24am

Same here, got most of them off of my head, but #8 is a mystery.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 4:11am

ETA: My spoilers are not hints, I am saying what I think it is... :D

What if #8 is the tag page for LGTBQ+ but the + is messing up the treasure hunt code?

kesäkuu 17, 5:13am

>65 VivienneR: There is a banner, not just on all pages. There is one on the Home page, for instance.

kesäkuu 17, 5:20am

>69 anglemark: I'm not seeing a banner anywhere. I never do with these hunts.

kesäkuu 17, 5:29am

>69 anglemark: I'm not seeing a banner anywhere. Don't think I saw one for the past couple of hunts either, but not sure.

kesäkuu 17, 5:57am

>69 anglemark: I'm seeing it on and off - mostly on my home page.

kesäkuu 17, 6:20am

I'm not getting a banner either. Would never have known about this if I didn't see the talk page.

kesäkuu 17, 6:37am

Still stuck on #7 and #8.

kesäkuu 17, 6:39am

Weird. If y'all click on the Home tab, you don't see the banner? Hmm, perhaps you dismissed it for a previous hunt and that flag hasn't been reset? Anyway, sounds like a bug.

kesäkuu 17, 8:11am

kesäkuu 17, 8:20am

>75 anglemark: Same here, no banner. I always dismiss them after I have done the hunt, so a flag that has not been reset makes sense

kesäkuu 17, 8:30am

>74 lemontwist: #7 search for prince and knight (title)

I don't think anyone has yet a clue for #8.

kesäkuu 17, 8:37am

>78 FAMeulstee: I am clueless on #8, but I keep trying over and over... so far NO luck! It's the only one I need, got all of the others.

kesäkuu 17, 8:57am

I must object to #6. It would be a thin shelf indeed - there's not much written specifically on the man. Which is part of why it took me so long to get to the answer "gay guy who died too young" doesn't narrow it down much, and then the "with lots of books about him" borders on the misleading.

Like everyone else, stuck on #8.

kesäkuu 17, 9:04am

After doing whatever anyone else has done too for #8, I also spent some time looking at Robert Frost stuff, based on that first line of the clue, which was definitely a wild goose chase, and made sure to look at the tag alias page for all the tags I'd already checked, like https://www.librarything.com/tag/detail/lgbt#tagaliases. Still no dice!

kesäkuu 17, 9:21am

No. 2, 6, and 8 are driving me bananas! Help please

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 9:24am

I’m stuck on #12 . . . any ideas please?

kesäkuu 17, 9:24am

On the off chance that #8 has nothing whatsoever to do with the theme and that the emphasis of "we group them here" was not "here is where they are grouped" but "here is where we do the grouping" I checked the tag combination voting page. No dice. I'm starting to think they just coded that one wrong.

kesäkuu 17, 9:27am

>82 rachelmarlene:
#6 first line of clue says "was killed before his time" Think of the the difference between "was killed" and "died"

kesäkuu 17, 9:27am

>82 rachelmarlene: Some hints! 2 is a translated title, search google for 'Amor nello specchio' and then search librarything for the English translations you find

There are already lots of good hints here for 6, here's one more that's pretty specific: it's a collection of interviews with a gay American politician who was murdered

8 is impossible, or possibly broken.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 9:32am

>83 crimson-tide: This one (#12) is about a book just released this year. Here are some hints that get increasingly obvious: The title of the book is biblical, The names in the clue are names of characters in the book, The author of the book is Robert Jones, Jr.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 9:39am

crimson-tide (#83):

For #12,

I remembered reading about #12 when it was released, but not the title or the author. But a tagmash of the theme of the hunt and the first word of the clue brings up a useful list - it's in the first few, so either go down the list or use the names of the characters as a clue to what the title might be.

kesäkuu 17, 9:54am

Also stuck on #8!

kesäkuu 17, 10:00am

Well, between LT searches and Google, I've found them all except for that dang #8.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 10:08am

Also on team Can't Find 8.

Thus far I've tried: my tags page, the tag cloud, the tag lgbtq, the tag lgbtq+, the tag gay, the tag lgbt, the tag queer, the tag homosexual, tagmash, Zeitgeist, and the tag tag. and probably many others I've forgotten.

I have had in many past hunts issues where I went to a correct page and it didn't register as found immediately, but later on it did. Perhaps this is one of those. I don't think I've ever seen a hunt where absolutely everyone was stumped on the exact same clue.

kesäkuu 17, 10:10am

I think 8 should be Tag Mirror, but the coding must be wrong!

kesäkuu 17, 10:12am

Morning everyone, or afternoon/evening/night, depending upon where you are. It looks like we are having trouble with one of our pages (for clue #8). Apologies for the confusion! I am bringing this to the attention of our developers.

kesäkuu 17, 10:19am

>65 VivienneR: I use visualping.io to set up a monitor on the page www.librarything.com/hunt.php, so I get an email whenever a new hunt is published.

kesäkuu 17, 10:39am

>93 AbigailAdams26:

Thanks for confirming our suspicion! Now we wait :D

kesäkuu 17, 11:44am

OK, all. It looks like we fixed the problem with the page corresponding to hint #8. You should see (and collect!) the rainbow when you get to the page.

We apologize again for the confusion. To offer a further hint, it is one of the suggestions offered, in some of the comments above.

kesäkuu 17, 11:44am

I just got a rainbow for #8 so it has been fixed!

kesäkuu 17, 12:02pm

>69 anglemark: I'm not getting a banner anywhere.

kesäkuu 17, 12:04pm

>97 DeltaQueen50: Finally! Got it on the 2nd term I tried...

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 12:07pm

I've made over a dozen attempts for #8 today. No rainbow. >97 DeltaQueen50: or >99 Maddz: can you give us an additional hint?

https://www.librarything.com/tags/MEMBERNAME and the results pages for https://www.librarything.com/search.php?search=Lgbt continue to not load as expected.

I also haven't seen the banner for this hunt. Usually, the hunt banners appear on my Home page.

kesäkuu 17, 12:13pm

>87 bibliovermis: and >88 lorax:
Thanks very much. Hadn’t heard of this one.

kesäkuu 17, 12:15pm

got #8..... (FINALLY!) thanks for the fix... now have all 12 and I can take a nap!

I really do love these hunts... thanks, again, conceptdawg for the super art... which (hint, hint) would look great on a Library Thing T-shirt...

kesäkuu 17, 12:24pm

>100 aspirit: We were all on the right track with our suggestions above so give tags another check. To be more specific check >68 divinenanny: above was spot on

kesäkuu 17, 12:30pm

>103 DeltaQueen50: Drats. I've tried that. The rainbow isn't there. Maybe checking that page tomorrow will make a difference.

kesäkuu 17, 12:33pm

Still stuck on # 8 ... but I'll try some more combos ...

kesäkuu 17, 12:35pm

>105 BookConcierge: same here. :(

Muokkaaja: heinäkuu 16, 11:42am

All done

I think I only needed one hint this time.

Great fun - thank you so much

kesäkuu 17, 12:48pm

Ever since they fixed it so the rainbow appears for #8, I can't see any tags for any book on the books' main page.

Is anyone else having this problem?

kesäkuu 17, 12:50pm

kesäkuu 17, 12:52pm

>100 aspirit: #68 had the right tag

kesäkuu 17, 12:52pm

>109 Maddz: OK, perhaps it is just me so I'll go report it on the "Bugs" site.

kesäkuu 17, 12:57pm

>108 DeltaQueen50: - #8 is a tricksy one but if you search for the tag and click on it from the tag-search results page, it should work? (It doesn't work if you type it into the URL bar, I found)

kesäkuu 17, 1:03pm

Sigo sin poder encontrar el #8 :(

kesäkuu 17, 1:04pm

>112 JBD1: Three attempts, but finally it worked. *happy dance*. I love these treasure hunts!

kesäkuu 17, 1:45pm

>114 MissWatson: Me too. (The #8 thing was more an exercise in url-hacking than in finding out the clue, methinks.)

kesäkuu 17, 1:51pm

Note: What's is the spoiler tag is not a hint but possibly a link to the direct answer.

>110 Maddz: y'all are going to the address of https://www.librarything.com/tag/LGTBQ%252B from the search, yeah? The page is not giving me the rainbow.

kesäkuu 17, 1:54pm

>116 aspirit: You have the letters in the wrong order. Copy the order from the hunt title and add a plus sign.

kesäkuu 17, 1:55pm

>116 aspirit: Yes but with the letters ordered slightly differently

kesäkuu 17, 1:58pm

Hello All. First, I wanted to mention that I have edited the initial post in this talk thread, so that the link to the hunt is more visible. Hopefully that will aid subsequent treasure hunters in locating it.

Second, we are aware that there is a problem with the hunt banner. It is only meant to appear on some pages (Home, Groups, Talk, More, and Zeitgeist), but is not appearing at all, for some of you. This is a known issue, and appears to be somehow related to the fact that members have dismissed a treasure hunt banner on previous occasions. We are working on it.

I hope you all enjoy (or enjoyed) the hunt, despite these issues!

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 2:29pm

Any hints for 7?

Glad to see the issue with 8 was resolved!

kesäkuu 17, 2:34pm

Hooray - finally got #8, all done now!

kesäkuu 17, 3:06pm

Got #8. The order on >68 divinenanny: is not correct, and what is correct didn't activate the find for me this morning. But it does now. While this is kind of a frustrating end to the hunt, I am grateful we had one. I learned about a couple works that were unfamiliar to me, was happy to see several familiar things, and as always, enjoy conceptDawg's art. Thanks, LT team.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 3:07pm

Yay! Completed, using some google help. 8 was a bit of a bear.... glad that I was not the only one going down a Robert Frost rabbit-hole.

and thanks so much for the fun!

kesäkuu 17, 3:08pm

kesäkuu 17, 3:08pm

>120 pith: Check out the hint in >78 FAMeulstee:

kesäkuu 17, 3:38pm

Got all twelve, with a lot of help from the clues

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 17, 3:44pm

>122 aspirit: 8 didn't work for me yesterday when I tried the page now being suggested here and it's still not working for me. Luckily I'm not a completist and prefer failure to wasting my time, lol. :D

kesäkuu 17, 3:56pm

>74 lemontwist:

Clue for # 7 ... Search for the two characters named in the clue and you're looking for a children's picture book.

kesäkuu 17, 4:25pm

Okay, got 8. Got 'em all now.

kesäkuu 17, 5:53pm

Thank you for fixing it. I'm glad it was one of the options I'd tried.

kesäkuu 17, 6:04pm

I have all 12/12 now.


I'm sorry. I screwed up. I have no excuse.* I thought there have been more hunts then there actually have been. There is only *ONE* badge that is late - Talk Like a Pirate (September 2020). The only other one still due is the Children's Literature Hunt. It was only last month so it's not applicable. I'm pretty ashamed of myself for the griping. Then the preemptive griping about griping.

Please accept my heartfelt apologies.

*Reasons, yes. IF interested, see my thread in the 75ers group. Just a bunch of life... stuff. But it's never a good excuse for poor behavior.

kesäkuu 17, 6:15pm

>86 bibliovermis: Thank you!! I was searching the Italian title for No. 2 and coming up with nothing.

kesäkuu 17, 6:27pm

Thanks for the hunt - lots of fun as always - managed to find them all without clues, after stopping by here to try and work out what I was doing wrong for #8. Thanks for fixing the bug that was stopping it working as turned out I'd even got that one right, so retried the searches I'd done yesterday.

Thanks to the LT and I love the art by the very talented ConceptDawg.

kesäkuu 17, 6:52pm

Thanks for the hints & directions! Now have all 12 :)

kesäkuu 17, 6:54pm

>131 Morphidae: A good old gripe is cathartic and your apology is very gracious. I hope life will treat you better soon. xx

kesäkuu 17, 7:48pm

>135 VivienneR: True. A good gripe is cathartic. But it isn't fair when there isn't actually something to gripe about. I had thought there were several missing badges instead of just one.

kesäkuu 17, 9:02pm

>131 Morphidae: I'm far more impressed by your grace in realizing you were mistaken than I am bothered by your griping. We all gripe. We all preemptively gripe. Most of us fail utterly to recognize it.

kesäkuu 17, 11:37pm

Thank you for fixing. Now I got all 12 rainbows. :D

kesäkuu 18, 2:17am

And Thats 12/12 from me. Loved the hunt - thankyou so much LT for setting this up.

I struggled with 8 like the rest of us, and wasn't sure how to go with 10, despite the clues. Of course it turned out I left out one crucial letter in the name of the award when searching.

I am mostly grateful that #1 was something I knew straight away so I could appear smart in front of my daughter.

Cheers all

kesäkuu 18, 3:50am

Yay, I found them all, with only a little help from this thread and google. Thanks, fellow hunters, and LT!

kesäkuu 18, 3:54am

Yes, thanks for the hunt. It was a lot of fun.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 18, 4:01am

I seem to be stuck at 8 out of 12, and that's fine too. I had fun. Thanks for the hunt.

kesäkuu 18, 8:45am

Thank you to all the hunters who posted. You made this interesting & made #8 a group mystery rather than a private failing, which was much more fun. And Morphidae, you barely griped compared to some of the gripes I've seen on here.

kesäkuu 18, 9:10am

To expand on what DeltaQueen50 says,

You can't get there by typing in the URL, since the HTML encoding borks it and if you type in the plus it just resolves to the tag without it. Do a search for the full form of the tag, including the plus, and click on it from there.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 18, 9:12am

>78 FAMeulstee: FAMeulstee Thank you for the help, I almost despaired! 😅 I was trying ancient epics like Gilgamesh or the Battle of Troy all the time...😅

And #8 also made me mad, but got that one, too, finally. :))) The search for that one was so much fun! Now I have all 12. :)))

Thank you for another awesome hunt!!!💛

kesäkuu 18, 10:09am

Phew!! Just got 'em all!! all but 1 by myself!! Yippeeee! look forward to another badge but didn't get the one from the last hunt, what's up LT??

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 18, 10:22am

>146 clamato: Tim has to give those badges personally, and he either forgets, or doesn't think we care. I think he should either teach someone else how to do it or stop offering it, because it gets really frustrating waiting for them when they always take months. In my opinion the children's lit one is way over due because it should have been given out a day or two after that hunt was over. Not sometime after the next hunt finishes. This has happened way too often.

kesäkuu 18, 11:34am

Just as a random note, September 2020 was long enough ago that a newly fertilized human egg could now be a full-term infant.

kesäkuu 18, 11:41am

I got #8 yesterday evening, so now I have them all!

Thanks for a fun game!

kesäkuu 18, 1:04pm

>148 aspirit:

Babies arriving in inboxes shortly.

kesäkuu 18, 1:41pm

We've got stinkin' badges! Whoo hoo!

kesäkuu 18, 1:45pm

Oh, we've got even the current Pride badge too. Nice

kesäkuu 18, 2:38pm

I got three badges at once including the current Pride badge. You made my day, thank you for the hunts, and the badges.

kesäkuu 18, 3:07pm

Aww, look at the pretty little ones! >150 timspalding: Thank you for delivering them.

kesäkuu 18, 4:59pm

Still haven't managed to find #8 :(

kesäkuu 18, 5:05pm

>155 mbernardi: #8 is a tag page. Copy the string of initials from this thread's title into the search box, add a plus sign, then search. Select tags from the menu on the left of the results page and select the first result.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 18, 5:29pm

Got all 12 in one day. Finally got #8 (still don't know how I did it, I struggled all day with it). Keep trying y'all. I tried all your hints and then some more. I finally looked up and saw that I had earned that 12th rainbow but don't know which step I did it in. Happy Pride y'all!

kesäkuu 18, 5:48pm

Yay, pretty badges! Wait, is a skull and crossbones pretty?

kesäkuu 18, 5:52pm

Thanks Tim

I even got one for pirate day 2022


kesäkuu 18, 6:14pm

OH YAY!! So glad I got that email about the new badges for past hunts, I wouldn't have remembered to check LT for the Pride hunt.

Happy Pride to all! (I swear Pride in the time of covid feels so different...)

kesäkuu 18, 6:56pm

> 78 the search suggested needs an ampersand (&) not 'and'

kesäkuu 18, 6:58pm

> 156 Yup, that did it! Done! Thanks!

I think this was the fastest I've ever completed a hunt, but the hints for the kids' books were huge. I don't pay any attention to that genre.

kesäkuu 18, 8:46pm

>150 timspalding: Wow! I was so happy at finishing the hunt in record time - and then got the badge in record time too! Thank you, Tim.

And thanks to the LT staff who put the hunts together. Great fun!

kesäkuu 18, 10:07pm

Thanks all for the tips on #8! Finally found it and now my life is complete!!! Thank you LT for all the fun:)

kesäkuu 18, 10:35pm

I actually got a few of these on my own without even googling or guess-searching, that doesn't happen often! Got them all now, kind wish there were more lol.

kesäkuu 18, 10:36pm

>165 Heather19: I know, right? I'm not sure if it's more fun when I learn stuff or not. It's all good!

kesäkuu 19, 12:45am

#8 (last one) - For Gods sakes, showing my age... still living in a world without Qs and pluses (seems there are more sexual orientation permutions than I can keep up with) and I am still using 'Anachronistic Acronyms' as shorthand, those extra characters really make a difference people! Have to say as Acronyms go thats getting a wee bit unwieldy...

But finally, job done and the rainbow is complete for this year, hurrah!

I always learn the most from this one as most of it is not generally stuff I know about without searching, well apart from the obvious 'usual suspects' who always crop up in this context.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 19, 3:01am

I'm late to the party because I didn't get the banner but if anyone is still stuck, I've collated the hints by clue number in the LibraryThing Treasure Hunts group just because, towards the end of the week it gets unwieldy digging through this thread looking for hints for those one or two you (okay, I) haven't found.

(There's no thread for clue #1 because no one has asked/ posted any here.)

If you have any more hints, could you please post them there as well?

kesäkuu 19, 3:17am

>150 timspalding: Thanks, Tim! Playing stork isn't easy... like Santa making his rounds all in one night. Take a rest, you've earned it! Again, many thanks for all you do!

kesäkuu 19, 4:08am

I don’t remember seeing a banner this time around, but when I accidentally logged out, bam! I saw one across the top.

kesäkuu 19, 9:15am

>94 awortham: Thanks for the tip! I foresee great things ahead for me by using this site! 😂

kesäkuu 19, 4:47pm

>40 Morphidae: I got badges Thurs or Fri. so it looks like grousing here isn't ineffective!

kesäkuu 19, 4:57pm

I found #8!

kesäkuu 19, 5:06pm

>171 rretzler: Miss you over in 75!

kesäkuu 19, 7:57pm

I have to say, #6 was rather demoralizing. It was too vaguely worded, which meant this queer spent awhile paralyzed thinking of a loooooooooong list of people it could be before I decided to go to Talk and get a fast answer instead. I think hunts are supposed to be fun, perhaps educational, but probably not huge downers...

kesäkuu 19, 8:13pm

>75 anglemark: I too had to go round about to get back to the first hero who sprung to mind - the subtitle was in my mind from the beginning, but when it didn't show on first google I hared off in wrong directions for too long.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 19, 8:34pm

Finally got them all!

I got 9 on my own but mostly with help from Google. Then I needed help from you good people for #5, 6 and of course #8. Without >117 amanda4242:, I never would have gotten #8. Thank you for an interesting and educational hunt!

kesäkuu 19, 9:43pm

>51 The_Literary_Jedi: look for awards under Common Knowledge

kesäkuu 19, 10:02pm

>156 amanda4242: thank you. I don’t get why the +sign worked, but it did. Without it no banner.

kesäkuu 19, 10:11pm

>87 bibliovermis: thank you. That was my last and hardest to find.

kesäkuu 20, 2:22pm

>167 Littlemissbashful: If you think six characters is unwieldy, you'd hate the ones I see around - I generally prefer the umbrella term "queer", but I also use LGBTQIA+ and I've seen variations such as LGBTTQQIAAP. That one is getting to be a bit much even for me; I wish QUILTBAG or MOGAI would catch on in place of the ever-increasing initialism.

kesäkuu 20, 3:04pm

>132 rachelmarlene: Thank you for pointing me to the clue in >86 bibliovermis:. It was my last one, and I missed that the hint was given earlier!

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 20, 6:11pm

I was able to get 11 clues with no help (yay!). #8 had me clicking and clicking and clicking until i found it. Thanks again for another great hunt, LT!!

#8 hint Search for the topic of this hunt and select a tag.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 20, 10:35pm

>181 bluesalamanders: Oh please, let it be 'QUILTBAG', how wonderful that would be!

kesäkuu 21, 7:13am

Thank you for the hunt and the hints. I wouldn't have gotten #8 without them. Found it on Saturday, before the last two.

kesäkuu 21, 8:49am

>184 Littlemissbashful: I use quiltbag as a collection, not as a tag. That might change though.

kesäkuu 21, 9:02am

Phew! I've got there finally, with some help from Google and the clues folks have posted.

Thank you for the Treasure Hunt and for the helpful hints!

kesäkuu 21, 9:03am

I've got three new badges this week - but all my old Treasure Hunt badges seem to have disappeared. Is anyone else having this problem?

kesäkuu 21, 9:05am

>188 humouress: Mine are all still there. You should make a bug report.

kesäkuu 21, 9:09am

>189 MarthaJeanne: Will do, then, thanks.

I am looking in the correct place, right? They should all be there together with the new ones? I didn't get them all by any means, but I did get a decent handful of Treasure Hunt badges.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 21, 9:29am

Well, look at my profile. I've got a whole line of them, spilling over into the next row.

That may also help remind you of which ones you had.

kesäkuu 21, 10:43am

I only saw this just now! Not sure why. I didn't see a banner?

kesäkuu 21, 10:56am

>192 the_red_shoes: There's apparently a bug where you don't see the banner if you dismissed a previous banner.

kesäkuu 21, 11:08am

>175 Faranae: Yeah, 8 was frustrating, but 6 was a real bummer!

kesäkuu 21, 12:30pm

>68 divinenanny: I finally got the last rainbow, and I'm almost embarrassed to admit just how satisfying that was!

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 21, 9:03pm

>184 Littlemissbashful: >181 bluesalamanders: LOL! "QUILTBAG" is hilarious! I love it!

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 21, 9:39pm

I agree with >196 LibraryCin:. QUILTBAG is ingenious! I will never forget the letters again. Of course there are some I don't know, like the U, I and A. I will have to educate myself.

ETA: OK, I got it!

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 22, 2:25pm

Viestin kirjoittaja on poistanut viestin.

kesäkuu 22, 5:05pm

>168 humouress: Now I feel really dopey as I can’t figure out #1!

kesäkuu 22, 5:13pm

amac121212 (#199):

For #1,

The Greek island she is from is the origin of the "L" in LGBTQ+.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 22, 6:45pm

>168 humouress: and >199 amac121212:

Also for #1: Also, if you google her "profession", you will come up with the answer.

kesäkuu 22, 7:52pm

After a few tries, I finally found the answer to #8. Now I have 12/12 and can go cook dinner!
Thank you (again) LT for another fun hunt.

kesäkuu 22, 10:08pm

Can’t find 4, 6, or 8.

kesäkuu 22, 10:24pm

>197 krazy4katz: The only one I wasn't sure about was U (thanks for the link!).

kesäkuu 22, 10:27pm

>204 LibraryCin: You're welcome! I was happy to become more educated about the meaning of the letters. It's a great term.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 23, 1:43am

The easiest Treasure Hunt that I remember, and I've done nearly all of them. Got everything but #8 inside of a half hour with no hints, before I even came to this Talk page -- but I did use Google and Wikipedia, though not as much as I've had to for other Treasure Hunts.

My problem with #8 was that I hadn't bothered with the plus sign. Thanks for divinenanny's hint! (The bug was fixed before I started this Hunt, so my problem with #8 was all my own doing.)

I'm late to the Hunt. Just noticed it I in the wee hours of June 23, thanks to Tim's State-of-the-Thing email.

kesäkuu 23, 5:37am

#5 was on sale on Amazon's Prime Day, so I picked up a copy, in part because of this treasure hunt.

kesäkuu 23, 5:43am

I've got them all except pesky #8! Have gone through this entire thread and tried every single suggestion for it but the tag page (that I believe should work) is not giving me a flag! I'm pretty new here, so probably missing something very obvious.

kesäkuu 23, 9:51am

E_squiggle (#208):

You must get to the page via a search, due to URL-encoding vagaries. Directly typing in the URL will not work.

kesäkuu 23, 12:45pm

I have them all except #9. Any clues?

kesäkuu 23, 1:17pm

Got all of them. Appreciate all the help. Thanks LT as I always find new books to read.

kesäkuu 23, 1:29pm

>210 lowelibrary: "Mermaid" is in the title.

kesäkuu 23, 1:31pm

kesäkuu 23, 2:15pm

>5 amanda4242: THANK YOU!!

kesäkuu 23, 3:56pm

Got my badge, thank you!

kesäkuu 23, 4:43pm

>4 Maddz: Yeah, I knew who it was right away. Finding the correct text, to earn the coveted rainbow, however, is a different matter.

kesäkuu 23, 4:44pm

>5 amanda4242: Yeah, I knew that right away. But I 'clicked' on about thirty or forty Wilde-related books, to no avail. I'm just not cut out for these things...

kesäkuu 23, 5:16pm

>178 Micheller7: This was so helpful. Thanks!

kesäkuu 23, 5:24pm

>217 WalterZ: you were looking for the author page. Look to the left after you search and there are more options than just the works.

kesäkuu 23, 6:45pm

>219 raidergirl3: Or just click on the author name of one of the works.

kesäkuu 23, 9:52pm

>219 raidergirl3: Thanks. I somehow blundered into the correct place, wherever or whatever that was. Now I'm stuck on goal number 3, and as usual, it seems hopeless. I wish I weren't so stubborn. Thanks again -- hope you get a coaster and stuff!

kesäkuu 23, 9:53pm

>195 sqr3cls3: Don't be embarrassed -- there are many of us who wish we were in your shoes!

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 23, 10:07pm

>221 WalterZ: Hi! Are you looking for #3 google his profession and and presumed sexual orientation based on the theme of this hunt and you should get it

Good luck!

kesäkuu 24, 10:00am

>68 divinenanny: Thanks, but you reversed the T and the B!!

kesäkuu 24, 11:59am

Got them all thanks to the wonderful clues.

kesäkuu 24, 12:38pm

Finished just in time. Got 6 of them rather quickly a few days ago, then set aside and almost forgot to come back. Filled in today with a little help from my bookshelf, search engines, and this Talk page. Thanks all.

And thanks to the Rainbow Hunt creators!! This year there were actually a few that I haven't read and am intrigued by . . . that hasn't been true every year.

Happy Pride!!

kesäkuu 24, 1:09pm

>40 Morphidae: So sorry to hear about your current existential challenges, and I am all appreciation and empathy with your impatience with 'helpers' who insist on trying to paving over other people's real-life difficulties with the equivalent of marshmallow fluff. Actually, I completely lost my Facebook account, because, when I was faced with similar dismissive responses to some comments about some personal -- perhaps inappropriately intimate -- issues, I stopped posting for a while, and then discovered that Facebook refused to allow me back in! Anyway, best wishes, and much success to you. Now I'll go back to my fruitless attempts to decipher the clues for this rainbow hunt. I hate losing.

kesäkuu 24, 1:34pm

In general, while I was pleasantly surprised to find myself welcomed to the Library Thing club, and intrigued by the Gay Pride challenge (I'm something of a puzzle junkie), I now sit, some six or more hours later, having been 'awarded' three pathetic little rainbows, but finding it impossible -- impossible -- impossible to figure out how this 'game', with its myriad title search/common knowledge alleyways, is supposed to work. Even when I know the answer, finding the 'right'... response, or whatever, has proved, at least for me, to be -- and I repeat -- impossible. As if the elusive little rainbow was dropped from an airplane flying over Wyoming during a snow storm. The whole process reminds me of the Thursday New York Times crosswords, which frequently use impenetrable or self-referential clues (14 Across: see 23 down; 23 Down: see 14 across) or answers that only fit if you're using the Cyrillic alphabet. If I wanted to be demoralized, I'd enter a marathon, or try playing basketball on the local pick-up court. Meanwhile, to all who have been successful in this endeavor, enjoy your rainbows, and you have my Sincerest, and Envious, Congratulations! But... when a contest like this comes along again, I hope I'll be wise enough to invest my 'puzzle time' doing something else -- like repainting the inside of the refrigerator...

kesäkuu 24, 1:43pm

Echoing 228 WalterZ - I too find the detail to establish the 'right' answer impenetrable. I have found 4 rainbows - and have answers for another 4 but lack the time (having only an hour ago discovered there was a quiz) to rabbithole away the next couple of hours in a fruitless search... Fun, though!

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 24, 2:06pm

>228 WalterZ: and >229 julianw55: Don't worry, you'll get better after a few more hunts! And you already get the nice badge with only a single find. :)

kesäkuu 24, 2:20pm

>228 WalterZ: >229 julianw55: I’ve found all my rainbows - but only with the help of the hints everyone has given here. And a bit of googling. I’ve tried and failed to do it without on previous hunts.

kesäkuu 24, 3:22pm

230/231 - Thank you! Managed to get up to 10 (using some hints!) and I have an answer for 11 (but lack the time to thoroughly identify the page). No idea about 12 at all. Do we get answers eventually or are we forever doomed not languish in embarrassed ignorance?

I've participated before - but 10 is my best score so far!

kesäkuu 24, 7:05pm

>228 WalterZ: >229 julianw55: The secret agenda is for you to become a master of LTology. And it does have some good side effects.

kesäkuu 24, 7:51pm

>228 WalterZ: >229 julianw55: I agree with >233 quondame:. Also, the benefit of doing them is that you may find some interesting books to read. I also frequently use Google to find the answer, then plug back into LT. Sometimes, the answers are work pages, sometimes author pages, series, tags, characters etc. Best wishes,


kesäkuu 25, 3:57am

I hope I'm not too late. I would like this badge, just haven't checked in LT for a while until just now. So found a few clues, not going to find them all because I have work to do. Hope it's enough.

kesäkuu 25, 4:00am

>235 JerryMmm: I still see the notification on my "dashboard", so I guess the hunt is still on.

kesäkuu 25, 5:37am

>235 JerryMmm: You get the badge as long as you find one :)

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 25, 6:34am

Viestin kirjoittaja on poistanut viestin.

kesäkuu 25, 12:45pm

I am utterly stuck on #8. I've read several spoilers, but they have all just been stating what not to search, which I have found on my own (and also added to). Can anyone give me an answer on how to find this answer? Pleeeeeeeeeze!! :)

kesäkuu 25, 12:57pm

>239 TsarinaTyna: It's the tag page for LGBTQ+. Copy and paste that in the search box, click on tags in the menu on the left of the results page, and then click the top result.

kesäkuu 25, 4:06pm

>240 amanda4242: Thank you so much! I was lacking the last character!

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 25, 8:11pm

Help! on clue 5, I have gone to the book's page, and the author page and nothing pops up. ;-(
Same with 6, I've clicked on the person, the books, the movies, etc.

kesäkuu 25, 8:20pm

>242 Mom2MandJ: Did you try searching for the last two words in the first line? It should be right on top.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 25, 11:36pm

>242 Mom2MandJ: For #6, you need to think of a gay politician who was killed in California in the 1970s

kesäkuu 26, 12:53am

>243 Taphophile13: I found the book, and clicked on the 1st book, the 2nd book, the author and the series tag. I'm trying again from my home computer, thinking that maybe the library one had some firewall/cache issues.

kesäkuu 26, 12:57am

>244 krazy4katz: I've clicked on the former mayor of San Fco as person, tag, author, and on all the books that mention interviews or snips of him. It's driving me crazy!

kesäkuu 26, 1:15am

>246 Mom2MandJ: I agree it's not obvious, but there is a work hinted at in which what he said is collected

kesäkuu 26, 1:16am

>246 Mom2MandJ: for 6 the clue says "what he says himself" so have you checked the books he listed as author on?

kesäkuu 26, 1:18am

>245 Mom2MandJ: The book for number 5 isn't in a series, so I think you're looking at the wrong book.

kesäkuu 26, 10:00am

The hunt was supposed to end this past Thursday, which might be why the rainbows can no longer be found.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 26, 11:11am

>250 aspirit: OK, that makes sense! They just haven't removed the banner.

kesäkuu 26, 11:20am

>251 krazy4katz: Maybe. I'm not sure that's the issue for current hunters. The award banners continue to show on the pages for me, which doesn't usually happen after a hunt.

kesäkuu 26, 1:20pm

>252 aspirit: Yes! They show up for me too. I just tried the one that >246 Mom2MandJ: is looking for and the banner does show up.

>246 Mom2MandJ: there should only be 2 books there if you have the right person, It is one of those two.

kesäkuu 28, 12:33pm

>232 julianw55: If you click on the link to the contest page in post # 1 you'll see that the answers are now posted beneath each clue. LT does this after the contest period is over for each of the treasure hunts.

kesäkuu 28, 5:08pm

Hey All! Our 2021 Pride Hunt has closed. 1277 people played this time around, with 783 players finding at least five clues. The average number of clues found was seven.

As many of you may have noticed, we let it run a little bit longer than we normally do. This was to compensate for the fact that clue #8 presented such a challenge for most of you. We apologize again for the technical difficulties at the beginning of the hunt.

Given those difficulties, we have decided to make an exception to our normal policy, and enter every player who found 11 out of 12 rainbows into the drawing for prizes. This was suggested to us by user MHofmann17 - many thanks to her for the idea!

Our randomly selected winners are:


Winners, please message me with your mailing address so we can send you your prizes!

kesäkuu 29, 9:31am

Hello All! JBD1 has very kindly contacted me to alert me to the fact that he won a prize in the last hunt, and to ask that his name be withdrawn from the list of winners, this time around. I thank him for that, and announce a different winner:


kesäkuu 29, 8:39pm

How exciting! Looking forward to my prize. Thanks for a fun hunt!

kesäkuu 29, 9:18pm

>256 AbigailAdams26: Wow, JBD1's pretty lucky!

Congrats to the winners!

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 29, 11:03pm

Congratulations to the winners and looking forward to the next hunt!

ETA: There is still something wrong with #8 in the answers. :-)

heinäkuu 6, 11:59am

Hello All! Another winner has contacted me to ask to be withdrawn from the list of winners, this time around. I thank her for that, and announce a different winner:


heinäkuu 6, 5:01pm


heinäkuu 6, 9:30pm

>261 Petroglyph: Congratulations!