What to read after Demon Cycle

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What to read after Demon Cycle

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 25, 3:29pm

I'm nearly finished with the Demon Cycle series. Is there anything similar that I could read next. Anything with less politics, if that is even possible?

huhtikuu 2, 5:17pm

Just wanted to say that I've finished the series. It is a great series overall.

huhtikuu 2, 5:28pm

Well... That depends a lot on why you liked the series and what else you like.

The first book of the series has a lot of automatic and member recommendations. These are usually a good place to start.

I think that Brent Weeks pairs well with Brett for example - but it really comes down to what else you like... Or Brandon Sanderson. Or The Broken Empire World.

huhtikuu 3, 4:14pm

What I really like about the series were the backstories of Jadir and Enevra (sorry for misspellings). They are both from the same Tribe, but the difference as to how men and women are being treated is kinda interesting.
I know Brent Weeks and Brandon Sanderson. Read Stormlight 1-3 and think this series is good as well. Good world-building. Have to look into Weeks I think.