Children's books with a good sense of place?

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Children's books with a good sense of place?

maaliskuu 15, 3:09am

I'm borrowing this one from a librarian group, paraphrasing it, because I think it's a fascinating question. My son is 15 and leaving "children's" books, but it's a cool question:

Can you think of good English-language children's books that take place outside of the US, and perhaps outside the Anglosphere generally, and have a strong sense place? Skip historical stories and stories the revolve around war and similar trauma. The idea is to "travel by book"—other travel being unavailable.

The request was a nine year-old girl, but older books would be good.

maaliskuu 15, 3:46am

I recently read a book by Cyprian Ekwensi. It gave me a good feel of Nigeria and Lagos (I think), but probably didn't fit the bill 100%. Some of his other books might?

maaliskuu 15, 4:23am

Listen, Slowly presents small town life in Vietnam. An American 12 year old travels there with her grandmother, meeting extended family for the first time.