Best online cheese sources?


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Best online cheese sources?

helmikuu 1, 3:51pm

I've gotten mine from multiple times. They've always come quickly and been of excellent quality. Anyone have any other websites they use?

helmikuu 1, 6:17pm

Living in a small Wisconsin town with a local cheese shop downtown means I don't really have to go online for cheese, but I'm interested in what other people say.

helmikuu 2, 5:32pm

I haven't ordered online since I moved back to the North Fork. I'm less than 10 miles from this shop:

But I have an iGourmet coupon I still need to use up, so I might make an order soon.

helmikuu 3, 5:15am

That shop looks amazing! Family have discovered a farm "just up the hill" (or some 20 km / less than half-an-hour) from us that does both cheese and online orders (which latter have become the flavour of the month with Covid lockdown and all). I have it in mind to go investigate tomorrow morning, especially as I need to go to the Railway Society's library at Inchanga and the farm is on the way.

helmikuu 5, 10:00am

Went and investigated. The shop is a km or 2 from the farm, in a very scenic area. The cheese is from an outfit called The Gourmet Greek in the Midlands. Great for Durban and Pietermaritzburg, but would probably be nonplussed by an export order.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 5, 5:48pm

>5 hfglen: Did you sample everything?

helmikuu 6, 5:28am

>6 clamairy: Brie, camembert and parmesan so far. All delicious. They also do feta, cream cheese (who doesn't?) and Gouda.

helmikuu 6, 11:00am

Mmmm! I'm happy for you.

helmikuu 9, 10:05am

Fortunately I don't need it's onlineness because it's just down the street.

Muokkaaja: helmikuu 9, 1:38pm

helmikuu 16, 2:24pm

Further to #7: Aged cheddar, mature Gouda with cumin, mild cheddar, black Brie ...

maaliskuu 3, 6:23pm

MMM! You went back?

maaliskuu 4, 5:55am

Several times!

maaliskuu 4, 8:12pm

Keep us informed!