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Webinars & Other Online Events

tammikuu 22, 4:29pm

With everyone mostly at home, most of our genealogy events have gone virtual. While webinars were always around, it seems we have more opportuOLnities since many in person events moved online.

Have you found some interesting ones to watch?

I missed the first one I intended to view this week. I tried to connect but found the Zoom link didn't work. I sent the sponsoring organization an email when I couldn't connect which was answered the next day. I registered December 28. A couple days later, they changed the registration link for some reason, but those of us who registered early weren't migrated. The Zoom link was changed. I'll be able to view the archived recording when it posts.

On Tuesday, I watched the BCG webinar. These are always good. This one by Rick Sayre focused on "Death and Burial Practices in World War I and WWII." I'm glad the handout was comprehensive because he covered a lot in a short time.

On Wednesday, Gena Philibert-Ortega's "Another 50 Websites Every Genealogist Should Know About" highlighted some of her favorite websites for genealogy or social history. While I knew about most of them, there were a few new ones in the mix.

I watched three webinars on Thursday, and these were all good. First up was one from the United Kingdom sponsored by Triskele Heritage on "Medieaval Stonemasons." Jason Wright, an archaeologist, presented it. Fascinating information on medieval buildings. Later I watched one in Clayton Library's Face2Face series--"Using Masonic Grand Lodge Proceedings for Genealogical Research." Jessica Horne Collins used examples from Louisiana showing her own ancestors but mentioned a few other collections she'd found in other locations. Jessica was a new-to-me presenter, and she did a fantastic job! The last one I watched was also very good. Pamela Weeks, a quilt historian, spoke on "New England Quilts and the Stories They Tell." The event's sponsors were New Hampshire Humanities and Manchester City Library. I've long been interested in the stories our female ancestors' needlework tells so this one interested me a great deal.

What are some you've been watching?

tammikuu 26, 7:50pm

I created a calendar to showcase all the Genealogy events happening every day. It is free and can be accessed via the internet, or overlaid onto your google calendar (it can be "hidden" with a click of a button).

access it by going to
Webinar Calendar
My Calendar
or adding the public calendar to your Google calendar using my email geniebugs6396 AT Gmail DOT com.

The calendar has webinars from Gen Societies, Public Libraries, Historical Societies, and Museums.

If a webinar costs money the is $$$ in front of the webinar. Times are listed in Eastern time.

It is my contribution to the genealogical community-- I charge nothing to use the calendar, I charge nothing to list events, and I get nothing from any organization that is listed.

tammikuu 26, 8:12pm

>2 genealogy_nana: Linda's resource is very helpful! Thanks for all the time you put into this.

helmikuu 7, 3:57pm

I have found the recorded sessions of the Rootstech events very helpful. Karynne Moses did one on "German Research for the Everyday American" which was a bit of a lifesaver for me:


You can download copies of the support materials she discusses. Just her chart of Old German lettering was a huge help.

helmikuu 7, 4:08pm

>4 southernbooklady: Are you signed up for this year's events at the end of the month?

helmikuu 7, 4:50pm

I am, but I don't think I've seen a schedule

helmikuu 7, 10:27pm

>6 southernbooklady: I haven't seen one yet either. I wish they'd hurry up and announce it.

Registration is open for the NGS Family History Conference. I'm presenting two on-demand sessions. You'll find more information on this year's virtual format that includes live and on-demand sessions here: https://conference.ngsgenealogy.org/