Books about American diplomats

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Books about American diplomats

tammikuu 6, 12:07pm

I love the Ward Just books about diplomats working in 20th century Washington, D.C. Well-written books about experienced, intelligent people. I would welcome similar authors/titles.

Muokkaaja: tammikuu 6, 12:30pm

Ward Just

I don't know these books, but you might enjoy Never learn to type, the autobiography of a woman who travelled the world for the UN at a time when women didn't generally have the high positions she had. That is what the title is about - if you can type as a woman you will always be a man's secretary.

My husband suggests books by Brian Urquhart who just died at 101 years old, who was part of the beginning of the UN.

Muokkaaja: tammikuu 8, 6:53pm

I've enjoyed the following 2 titles (which I've reviewed, should you like to know more about the story; both non-fiction). May not be exactly just about diplomats, but are certainly about diplomacy and involve the embassy staff.

The Spy in Moscow Station (Eric Haseltine)
Diplomat, Dissident, Spook (Bill Warden) (Warden was a Canadian, but liaised closely with American diplomats in Cuba)

tammikuu 8, 9:48pm

You might like to try Present at the Creation and Sketches from Life of Men I Have Known, both by former Secretary of State Dean Acheson.

tammikuu 11, 5:53am

>1 June: June: I love your description. Have never heard of Ward Just. Which book of his was your favorite?

tammikuu 12, 12:22pm