Anybody (still) around?

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Anybody (still) around?

lokakuu 7, 2020, 5:10pm

New LT politics will soon make this group invisible (archived) if there aren't posted any messages.
As this is the only naturist/nudist group on LT, it would be a pity if booklovers who adhere to the naturist worldview and/or practice naturism/nudism wouldn't find a place to communicate with kindred spirits.
This group has never really been active. But to let it entirely disappear would be regrettable in my opinion.
Perhaps I'm the only one who likes naturism/nudism & books in 2020? If not, please react in any way.
By the way, I'm Dutch but living in France, and a keen naturist since my adolescence.
Take care,

heinäkuu 10, 12:27pm

Unfortunately, there don't seem to be many good books featuring naturism. It seems to me that shifters would naturally be naturists given how much of a pain clothes would be shifting. Some shifter stories have them being comfortable with nudity, but I think they'd avoid clothes whenever they can.