John Glassco and Philip Core

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John Glassco and Philip Core

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heinäkuu 5, 2018, 12:28 pm

Speaking of John Glassco, a few days after my post (in the Goldsmith's discussion), I received a copy of Smither's Savoy. One of the two persons identified as previous owner was the Anglo-American artist, Philip Core. I had not heard of him before, so I researched his name. He had worked with Glassco (and with Philippe Julien) - most notably in providing the illustrations for Glassco's unobtainable novel, The Temple of Pederasty (research on this title is a pleasure I would not deprive you of by overcoming my habitual inertia and telling you more, other than that I believe the Library and Archives Canada holds a copy).

Core was an admirer of Aubrey Beardsley's work, and like Beardsley, enjoyed a brief, prolific, and "controversial" career, before dying young of a disease that haunted his era. Core's book, Camp: the Lie that Tells the Truth, is available for the curious/unacquainted.

Philip Core on Philippe Julien:

On Camp, and Core:

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