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audiobooks and statistics

helmikuu 2, 2018, 2:26 am

I try desperately in an audiobook the duration in minutes, or even to enter, page number is unfortunately not the right one.
If I select audiobook, I see nowhere a field for the duration, preferably with evaluation of the duration of all audiobooks in the statistics.

helmikuu 6, 2018, 4:49 pm


This should be a field, one that films, cds and everything else that is measured in duration and that LT encourages the inclusion of would be useful for.

helmikuu 6, 2018, 4:55 pm

In my dreamworld, the "physical dimensions" set of fields would depend on the media type, so that, for instance, "audiobook" would bring up duration, and "audiobook" or "ebook" would eliminate height, thickness, and weight (so that I can distinguish between "don't have physical dimensions because I haven't entered them yet for this book" and "don't have physical dimensions because it's an ebook" more easily).

helmikuu 7, 2018, 4:45 am

That sounds great, I hope it can be implemented, if the total duration would then also be displayed in the statistics, it would be perfect

Muokkaaja: maaliskuu 27, 2018, 2:16 pm

>3 lorax: Not workable as such. Physical audiobooks MOST DEFINITELY have very concrete height, thickness, and weight -- and the unabridged cassette-based ones tend to have the most!
I have some taking up a lot of eminently quantifiable room in my basement...

Purely digital publications might be suitable for such treatment. (While we're at it, file size might be neat to have as well. ;-) )

maaliskuu 27, 2018, 3:02 pm

>5 davidgn: For that matter, why not add a file type? The file size can depend on the file type - which is why my RPG pdfs live in icloud not on my Google Drive or Dropbox (doesn't take many pdfs to fill 15 MB).

joulukuu 28, 2022, 5:37 pm

Yeah. I do really wish there was a duration field that could be used for audiobooks. Or video I guess, I imagine some folks use librarything to track video content.

helmikuu 13, 1:51 pm

I do put the minutes for audiobooks and TV/movies in the pages field and use the "other" option in the drop-down menu, but it would be nice if they added "minutes" to the list. I just use it help me decided which one to listen to next (like if I want a long once vs. a short one), so I don't know if that would be enough for what everyone else wants it for.

If I could add one feature to digital works, it would be source/location, like which service do I own it on: Kindle for eBooks, Audible or for audiobooks, Prime Video or Vudu or whatever for movies/TV, etc. I put it in "From where?" now, but it would be nice to make it a separate feature, especially if it can link directly to it on the source site.

helmikuu 13, 2:02 pm

>8 alexa_d:
I use pages in the same way, except that I record hours not minutes.

What this says about my viewing habits is probably pretty scary: 7700+ hours entered so far, and probably at least another thousand hours waiting for me to create entries. ::rueful::

heinäkuu 8, 8:14 pm

I too would love to have a dedicated filed for length. I do most of my reading via audio and it would love to be able to track lengh.

heinäkuu 9, 5:32 am

Yes, similarly I would like to note the MB count for e-books