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1amc1229 Ensimmäinen viesti
joulukuu 16, 2007, 8:02pm

Mudbound is a recommended read

It is a good story, told by a southern storyteller. Because it is a quick read, events sometimes cruel and horrible, past without the reader feeling the full impact. However, the main characters are drawn fully enough to become recognizable throughout the story.

The book’s main contribution is letting the reader hear the natural flow of white southern racist conversations. Why is that important? Because one rarely gets to hear how white people talk about black people when there aren’t any blacks around or without requisite explanation or self-censorship.

A recent newspaper article illustrated this notion paraphrasing a white historical preservation official regarding the reason for denying blacks access to a black cemetery, “race is probably often a factor, but no landowner balking at a grave visitation is going to come out and say, obviously, that is the reason.”

The resolution of Roncel’s character after the unspeakable violence against him was not very satisfying. However, it was refreshing to discover the writer has not fallen under the self-censorship practice of writing, as if the word nigger has ceased to exist.

By: Amc1229