What did YOU buy today? December 2014

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What did YOU buy today? December 2014

Tämä viestiketju on "uinuva" —viimeisin viesti on vanhempi kuin 90 päivää. Ryhmä "virkoaa", kun lähetät vastauksen.

Muokkaaja: joulukuu 31, 2014, 5:58 am

Two purchases while my discount was increased at work
* Christine; or, Woman's Trials and Triumphs by Laura Curtis Bullard (19th century novel)
* Only Enchanting by Mary Balogh (historical romance)

And some ARCs:
* Viper Wine by Hermione Eyre (historical fiction, 4/15)
* _Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science - and the World_ by Rachel Swaby (4/15)
* Spinster: Making a Life of One's Own by Kate Bolick (4/15)
* A Memory of Violets by Hazel Gaynor (historical fiction, 2/15)
* Welcome to Braggsville by T. Geronimo Johnson (2/15)

I already know of two books coming in 2015 that I WILL be buying, no matter what. Jenny Uglow has a book coming out here in January about life on the British homefront during the Napoleonic Wars. And C.S. Harris' next book in her Sebastian St. Cyr mystery series is due in March. Yum, yum.

joulukuu 31, 2014, 7:15 pm

Arrived today, the last day of the year, from Bookmooch Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster.