What new pop-up books have you bought recently? And what did you think of them?


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What new pop-up books have you bought recently? And what did you think of them?

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elokuu 6, 2013, 10:23 pm

Hoping to reignite this group's activity with a thread to share the goss about our latest pop-up and paper engineering acquisitions ;)
(nb: I am assuming it is okay to list books that are more paper engineering here than pop-ups, but do put me straight if we're supposed to be exclusive...)

Newly arrived in my collection are:

Faeryland: The Secret World of the Hidden Ones by John Matthews. This is a gorgeous book about the folklore about faeries of the British Isles as well as those of Scandinavia, Germany, North America and even the Asian, Arab and African worlds.The book is illustrated with new art by Matt Dangler as well as other contemporary artists and classic art by William Blake, Henry Fuseli, William Turner and others. It's not a pop-up, but I usually include these types of books with pull-out memorabilia in my paper engineering collection. In this case the pull-outs include a Handbook for Faery Hunters; a small manual of how and where to look for fairies; an envelope of "real faery photos"; and a 19th century faery pull out map. Delightful!

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig: Pop-up Book by Helen Oxenbury, paper engineering by Eugene Trivizas. This is a lovely fun twisted fairy tale that has been well adapted in pop-up form. I bought it second hand, and it may be out of print?

The Magical World of Tolkien by Edouard Kloczko. Another new one that is paper engineering rather than pop-up. This is an illustrated guide to Tolkien, with each double spread dedicated to a character or a place, and illustrated with paintings, drawings and sketches. Includes a few interactive elements such as envelopes, leaflets, flaps, etc. I thought this book had some interesting snippets of info and lovely illustrations, but the interactive elements were fairly unimaginative.

Magical Beasts: A Pop-up Adventure by Nick Denchfield. This large book contains several fold-down scenes and four pop-up models - griffin, unicorn, dragon and cerberus - along with numerous press-out pieces. I thought the book was okay, although I was a little disappointed - I liked the artwork but the pop-up scenes were quite basic and the models very flimsy and not up to the rigours of any use or even storage.

Leonardo Da Vinci: A Pop-up Book by The Provensens. Another one out of print that I found secondhand. This one is a delightfully illustrated pop-up book of Da Vinci's inventions and artwork. Lots of lovely pop-ups, pull tabs and and sliding pictures.

Okay, will stop now to make sure that a thread containing these mini-reviews is interesting to others, and I hope some other members will be happy to share their thoughts here too! I am happy to take additional photos of some of the internals if folk would be keen to see them, but will wait for feedback on that before pulling out the trusty camera...

elokuu 7, 2013, 12:35 pm

I recently picked up Guide for the Unlucky. It's not all pop-ups, but it's lots of fun. There's good text about various superstitions, and the pop-ups and other movable bits are very well done.