February issues 2013

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February issues 2013

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kesäkuu 7, 2013, 5:48 pm

Only five months behind, not too bad.

Muokkaaja: kesäkuu 30, 2013, 2:52 pm

February 4
-so far reading about interesting scheme for beleaguered communities to take over bad mortgages by eminent domain, re-arrange values and principal payments.... intriguing. The banks hate it, of course, as do the mortgage speculation industry. But why? You'd think they'd be happy to just get the whole damned thing behind them. Start fresh.
-S&M not funny
-washing windows on sky-scrapers. Guess what - it's dangerous. This was a classic Manhattan slice-of-life piece. As such, not bad.
-Dr. Oz. Well, I'm so out of it I'd never heard of him. He sounds...... over-zealous and a bit out of control, but some of the things he has done (graphically showing what a clogged heart looks like, for ex.) can't hurt.
-skipped speedcar racing
-story - didn't work for me. Has Gramps lost his marbles or not?
-the Checkers speech - as one of the first adroit uses of TV as a medium. I've encountered this idea before, like, in the 70's when I was in library school and did a thing on the media. Hello?

The Ellen Bass poem was appalling.
The Stern was, well, Stern

February 11-18
This was a 'meaty' issue - full of articles that I wanted to read.
-Ian Frazier on the effect of hurricane Sandy on Staten Island - he can write! Sobering what needs to be done and much of it is not 'showy' but grass roots.
- person-I-never-heard-of this week is a fellow named Brendan O'Connell who takes pictures in Walmart and turns them into paintings. Uh, didn't Andy Warhol do this? Without more pix I can't really see what's so special, I'm afraid.
- Lovely but 'sobering' article about Scotch - moral of the story - the penalty for manufacturing excellence these days is being bought out by a huge conglomerate and firing the person who had the idea in the first place. Why is this?
-A tantalizing snippet of Joseph Mitchell's memoirs - oh that man could write!!!! I, too, am drawn to the 'old' and abandoned and I too have randomly ridden buses around a city......
-Then a sort of Annals of Crime piece about Amy Bishop the woman who shot her fellow professors when she didn't get tenure - some of the backstory. Well - this piece didn't sit well with me, it felt both pointless and a bit prurient. Hard to explain why her father didn't have his gun firmly locked up and inaccessible to all but himself and what her husband was thinking, presumably he knew about her past, cheerfully doing target practice with her.
-Zadie Smith's story seemed a bit too unfocussed for me....... I didn't really get the badminton piece, sorry.
-Galileo and the Inquisition - verdict - 'too pugnacious' - I feel I've read, sometime in the last ten years a novel that came to the same conclusion!

Have to call this a top-of-the-line issue despite a story I found a little obscure.

February 25Reading 'em out of order cos' Mr. Sib absconded w/ issue 2.
-Playwright Annie Baker - she sounds wonderful! I'd like to see one of her plays.
-Spain's financial collapse. What an unholy mess!
-Hezbollah. What next? Shudder.
-Depardieu departure - 75% tax on those making more than a mil (what, euros?) a year - even though this is an elite group of 3000 or so, Depardieu, understandably to an American, doesn't want to pay it.
-Theroux story - boring and predictable

poems were ho hum, cute.

Not a stellar issue, just blah.