Debate over JM Coetzee leaving South Africa

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Debate over JM Coetzee leaving South Africa

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toukokuu 15, 2013, 5:31am

Novelist and academic Imraan Coovadia has attacked the ‘religious awe’ that surrounds the South African Nobel Prize winner, J M Coetzee. The focus of the controversy has been Coovadia’s barely-veiled accusations that Coetzee fled South Africa because he is afraid of blacks, that he isn’t always the great writer he’s invariably cracked up to be and that Coetzee’s admirers have turned worship of him into a “religion” that has effectively stultified literary criticism in South Africa. (Noseweek 161)

and the reply (Noseweek 163)

Dear Dr Coovadia

I have watched your writing with great interest. As an up-and-coming novelist I believed I had found your talent worthy of following carefully. But your merciless dissection of J M Coetzee I find thoroughly distasteful for a number of reasons.
John has the human right to settle in Adelaide or wherever the hell he wants. And what business is it of yours? Go then and consign yourself to teaching in a bush college if this is how a righteous man ought to behave.