Special Henry Kuttner Project with NEIL GAIMAN‏ (Borderlands Press) - OT

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Special Henry Kuttner Project with NEIL GAIMAN‏ (Borderlands Press) - OT

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huhtikuu 13, 2013, 11:02 pm

Hello all... I wanted to bring the below project by Borderlands Press to everyone's attention...

I have nothing to gain from this so please don't think I am bringing this to the groups attention for any reason other than that I think it is a wonderful project and would like to see the goal reached so the book can be produced.

edited by Pierce Watters and F. Paul Wilson
Introduction by Neil Gaiman
with Art by Steve Parkhouse

The editors and Mr. Gaiman have agreed to sign 600 copies of the various editions.

Beginning today, Borderlands Press is celebrating its first project with Kickstarter! We would like to give you a chance to participate before we advertise to the general public on April 13th.

Thanks you for all your support over the years. This one will be something you will treasure.

Our book is a celebration of a superbly talented writer, highlighting some of the most unique and memorable tales in the SF/fantasy genres. He died WAY too young at the age of 43, and we’ve made sure to gain the full cooperation of the Kuttner estate so that his heirs will share in the proceeds.

He was a very special writer. Here's what Alan Moore (From Hell, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman) says of him:

"Henry Kuttner was one of fantasy and science fiction's most accomplished and intelligent voices, as well as one of its least celebrated. His Hogben family stories are among the most original and certainly the funniest works in the genre, and to have them all finally collected in one volume is nothing short of a dream come true for genuine devotees of imaginative literature. Read this at once, and if you've read it already, then read it again. A masterpiece."

—Alan Moore

To learn more, click this link or cut and paste it into your web browser:


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