Safeguarding Children and Schools in USA and rest of the world


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Safeguarding Children and Schools in USA and rest of the world

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tammikuu 31, 2013, 3:24 am

Teachers are among some of the most significant adults that children will encounter. Teachers and other staff encountered in schools at different levels - pre-school to highg schools have a profound direct and indirect effect on children's or student's social,emotional and cognitive development.

Their responsibiltiy and influence operates on different levels or situations.The overall culture and ethos of the school within which students spend a significant proportion of their lives depend by the contribution of the school's staff
(principal,teachers,counsellors ).Especially young students besides the children who can take care of themselves ( above 13 years (Asian- standard ) are governed by the way they are
"spoken to", "listened to", taught, disciplined and counselled are very important to shape their understanding of "real" and "working" world in which they live and being exposed future in their adult lives.

Do you agree that safeguarding have to be exercised closely and carefully through schooling(being literate and educated
as the starting point of their living's cycle because teachers are people they can relate, and education acts as a process of making it happen.
Parents must played an important part through PTA's participation.

The existence of insane shootings at schoolchildren, I think security is also important in which the federal and state government together with the school's adminstrative council should cooperate by having their independent's security arrangement.