Introductions! Hi, Everyone!

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Introductions! Hi, Everyone!

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Muokkaaja: syyskuu 3, 2012, 1:10 am

Hi, all!

My name is Russell Kaine and I'm an author from Arizona. New member of the group and new to Library Thing.

I've always enjoyed the macabre, but I'm a sci-fi fan as well. My faves include, among others, King (but not "Under The Dome"), Barker, Lumley, and Lovecraft.

Speaking of the latter, has anyone read his short, "Shadow Out Of Time?" I read it on the plane not too long ago and loved the concept -- WILD! That's what I like about Lovecraft, though.
I think it would make a great movie if a screenwriter were to add where the story left off!

Thoughts? Other suggestions for the big screem?

BTW, not sure if this is appropriate for this forum, but I wanted to get this in front of a more select group. Let me know if its a problem.

I've also finally had a chance to start promoting my first horror novel, "Bumble Bee." It's a delightfully gruesome and disturbing little supernatural number centered in a real AZ ghost town of the same name.

Anyone want a free "e-copy?" Shoot me a reply with your email or email me at bumblebeekaine-at-gmail. Read it, review it or don't. I'd just like to get into the hands of horror readers.

Also, feel free to reply me with author or writing & publishing related questions!

Thanx and I look forward to getting your replies!

---RK :)