Picture Book-The Old African

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Picture Book-The Old African

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Debora Brown
EDE 3343
February 4, 2012

Picture Book-The Old African
Title: The Old African

Author: Julius Lester

The slaves are at the mercy of their cruel master. Master Riley tries to prove a point by whipping a runaway slave. Then he makes some of the slaves look at this young man being whipped, but the slaves do not let Master Riley control their minds. The slaves find a way to escape and that is through their mind. The Old African uses his magical powers by helping the slaves. The Old African can read the minds of the slaves. The Old African has magical power to help his people. The slaves are brought over to a new land, but some of them die by jumping overboard. The cruel plantation owner, Master Riley, does not have any compassion on the slaves. At the beginning of the story, a slave boy, Paul, is tied to an oak tree, while he is being beaten. The Old African helps the people to endure during their suffering by controlling their minds. The runaway slave sees the ocean, but the Old African sees this as a way to freedom. Obasi had taught the Old African not to abuse his power. When Master Riley pulled his pistol on them because they were picking up the whipped boy, the Old African looked at Master Riley just above the eyes, and he heard the tree talk. The oak tree told Master Riley to put the gun down. As Master Riley raised his gun to shoot the Old African his arm became as heavy as a rock, and he could not move his body. Master Riley was very terrified because trees could not talk. He tried to sell the Old African man many times, but he could not sell him. The Old African turned into a hawk, then, he flew away. He made the clouds roll in from the ocean. A bolt of lightning hit Master Riley’s house and the house erupted in flames. The slaves made their way to the ocean, and the Old African and May went into the water. The slaves thought they had drowned, but when they looked May and the Old African was back. Then, the slaves walked on the bottom of the ocean and two sharks help led them to Africa. There were rows and rows of skeletons on the ocean’s floor. Then, the skeletons were walking behind the slaves. However, as they approached land, the skeleton’s bodies were returned to them. The bottom of the ocean welcomed them back home. The Old African could speak again and he did. He called his wife’s name, and they were happy once again.